Diamonds & Pearls (2)-The Wedding(Nikah) and After Party(Walimah)

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        “You do look great Ummi,” I added while looking over her outfit.

        “True story,” Zayan said with a nod.

         “Thank you my babies,” Ummi squealed and managed to pull all of us into a hug at once. “But I could never be prettier than my little bride to be.” She sniffled as she pushed Zayna's hair behind her ear.

        “Okay, no waterworks here people. We have a marriage to complete and a feast to chow down on. Let's get crackin'.” I shouted happily.

         “Zayan, your father needs help with the tables.” Ummi said and wiped her tears. Zayan smiled at Zayna and then nodded to Ummi. He gave salams and left.

         “Okay Daleela, you need to help your sister get ready. I have to go check on the food and guests, I'll be back.” Ummi said and then hugged us once more.

          After she left I beckoned for Zayna to sit down and we began. I lined her eyes with kohl eyeliner, and then applied a little foundation. Zayna had medium brown skin just like Zayan. It was such a pretty, brown color to me. My skin is a little lighter and has a small amount of yellowish tone to it. Our whole family is African American but we're of several ethnic backgrounds so our skin tones all vary slightly. Okay, mine varies just a tad more. Must be the Native American side shining through, I thought silently.

         I helped Zayna straighten her hair. This took us a while because Zayna's hair is so thick and long and it didn't help that it was a huge curly afro when it wasn't straightened. After that, I set her hair back in a series of braids and curls. I let the remaining curls hang in loose waves. I looked over my work and was proud to say she looked like a true princess. I took her blue abaya and helped her get it over the crystal blue dress she was wearing for the walimah.

        We worked carefully as we began to put on her hijab. It was the same deep aqua blue as her abaya. I helped her drape the scarf artfully around her face, so that it completely covered her hair, neck, and ears.

        “Big sis, you look amazing mashallah. Allah has definitely blessed you with looks.” I said with a wink as I turned her to face the mirror.

          “Do you think Noor will like it?” She mumbled as she stared at her reflection.

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