Beautiful Eyes.

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There are certain things you just can't forget about a person. This, is one of them.  


You have a pair of beautiful eyes, 

Eyes that could always see through me. 

And when I looked into them today, 

I felt that same, familiar release. 

It was those pair of eyes that captured me,

So many months and days ago.

Those dark brown, wonderful eyes,

That made me just let go.

I can write a billion love stories,

With cute, or hot, or better looking guys.

But I’m certain that I would fail,

At re-capturing the essence of your eyes.

Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes,

That’s all I can think about now.

How much depth and soul you had to them,

All your tears, your smiles, your laughter, your frowns.

There are possibly two things that made me like you,

And I guess its your guitar and your eyes.

It was the lethal combination of both,

That made me go so high.

I just wrote a poem about your eyes;

I even mentioned them too frequently.

But of course, you won’t ever read this,

So I shall just think about them silently.

You have a beautiful pair of eyes darling,

So be proud of them, alright?

I shall never forget them day in, day out,

And remember them for the rest of my life. 

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