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Pen Your Pride

The founding fathers

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*back when they all weren't dead + Prussia and his guy who was also considered a founding father so fuck off + some other peps*

Founding fathers: *laughing and talking while drinking*

Alfred: *awkwardly following George around the whole time*

GW: Alfred go talk to people you don't need to be by me the whole time.

Alfred: But I don't know how to do a conversation

GW: It's simple, just find a topic and a person and talk about it

Alfred: But what topics?

GW: Anything, now go and try it

Alfred: *nods and walks away to find someone*

Hamilton: *talking with Laurens*

Alfred: Hey-

Laurens: Sooooo about that night we had planned

Hamilton: Dearest John I know okay? I won't invite anyone if it makes you uncomfortable love

Laurens: Alex you just have to understand that I love you and I just want it to be us

Hamilton: I understand John, I love you and would do anything to make you happy

Laurens: Thank you Alex- FUCK Alfred how long have you been standing there?

Alfred: *slowly backs away*

Hamilton: .........

Laurens: ...........

Alfred: *runs over to Prussia*

Prussia: pfft! I'm soooo much better zhen you.

Steuben: Really? Last time I recall I had sex I was told I was the best

Prussia: Blah blah! Francis said I was the best at sex!

Alfred: *runs over to TJ and Madison*

TJ: James what are you doing when you get home?

Madison: Having a sexy man take care of me cause I'm sick

TJ: God damnit Madison

Alfred: *runs over to Washington* SIR

GW: Alfred? I'm speaking with Lafayette what do you need?

Alfred: WhY IS eVERYonE GAy?!!!

Lafayette: *sips wine* and that's coming from you?

Alfred: *internally screeching*

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