Slenderman X Proxy: In The Woods

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No one really said if they wanted a X reader, so I'm doing SOMETHING like that. This one will be in first point of view. You are the proxy. Good? Good. There will be some (Y/N) in here.

"Sir?" I called out quietly. Oh where was he? I had been wondering the woods for maybe 3 hours and couldn't find him. I hoped I did soon. I was lost and it was starting to get dark, and honestly, the dark made me anxious. Just because I was a proxy does not mean I always had ultimate protection against other proxies and creatures that may be wandering down in the dark in the late hours.

I looked to my left and saw a tree I had seen maybe an hour ago. I could tell because it had the same claw marks across the wood and a fallen branch at the base of it's trunk. 

"Damnit.." I murmured. The only noise was my feet crunching on leaves and the wind whistling through the dead tress in Autumn. But something caught my attention. There was another sound.. And it was close. It was.. A wet sound and there was groan. 

I looked around and followed the sound, carefully planning my steps so that not many leaves crunched beneath the converse shoes I was wearing. I was Sir leaning back, his hand wrapped around his gloved hand wrapped around his member. He was.. Jacking off.

He groaned as he rubbed his c*ck faster. "Yes, yes, yes." He groaned. "More, (Y/N), more! Ugh.. Suck my c*ck harder.." 

I felt my face flush. "S-Sir.." I murmured. He stopped and looked up at me. 

He has such a huge member... And it looks so hard.. I thought.

"(Y/N).. Come here.. As a training proxy you're going to need to learn to help solve some of my problems.." He said. 




I was on my hands and knees, my mouth around Sir's massive c*ck. I moaned and slid my mouth back and forth, taking him deep. I felt his wet and warm tentacles rub and trace my back. 

I sudenly felt a tentacle tease my pussy. I took Sir's member out of my member. "Please, Sir.." 

Without a word he took four of his tentacles and grabbed me by my ankles, spreading my legs. And the other two pinned my arms. 3 of Sir's tentacles teased my pussy.

I moaned in need as I got more and more wet by the second. Sir's tentacles gripped my breast and massaged my skin as I whimpered. Suddenly 1 or Sir's tentacles plunged into me. Since I was a virgin I could feel my walls stretch painfully. I arched my back and a small scream escaped my lips.

A growl rumbled in the Slendermans throat and he shut me up by forcing a wet and slick tentacle into my mouth. It went in and out of my mouth as I moaned. 

Sir's tentacles was still pumping my pussy hard. His tentacle was also sliding in and out of my mouth. Soon the pain subsided and I moaned. As Sir massaged my body I couldn't help but touch my breasts, teasing my hard nipples. I pinched them and rolled them between my thumbs and index fingers as I was forced to suck Sir's tentacle.

Suddenly Sir plunged the other two tentacles into my entrance. They were pulsing. My moans were muffled by Slenderman's tentacle in my mouth, but I squirmed and pinched my nipples harder. I felt my climax start to near and I curled my toes as one of Sir's tentacles hit a spot that made my heart speed uo double time and overwhelmed me with pure pleasure. 

I could see Sir's gloved hand on his c*ck. He was jerking off while watching me, a moaning mess. He groaned and the tentacle slid out of my mouth. In that instant I cried out.

"Sir! P-Please.. Let me cum, please!" I arched my back and bite my lip. 

"Cum." He rumbled. In that instant it felt like I exploded in pleasure. I felt Sir's tentacles slid out of me, even more slick. 

Sir was still jerking off. I could tell he was nearing his climax so I got back on my hands and knees and crawled over to him. I opened my mouth wide and he sprayed into my mouth, he groaned softly and I swallowed and licked my lips. 

"S-Sir?" I asked, gathering my clothes. 

"Hmm?" He responded. 

"Will I be solving these.. Problems more often?" I whispered shyly.

"Oh yes, yes you will, (Y/N)" With those words spoken he teleported away, but he took me along with him.

Hm. Maybe this proxy thing isn't THAT bad...


I felt dirty writing that.. (This coming from a Lemon Writer XD) 
But yea, I hope I did a good job, honestly this one was a shot in the dark. Sowwy D:
Do you forgive me? *Puppy dog eyes* Pweaaasseee.. Do you forgive your favorite lemon writer?

I umm hope you like it. Next lemon won't be entirely a lemon, just some sweet stuff. But there will be more coming.. Trust me.

❤Suck it, Lick it, Bite it. It can be sweet, spicy or bitter.❤ -Love, Anonymous

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