Chapter 21 - Worthy

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Third Person's POV

Its finally Christmas, Michael and Calum are jumping up and down in excitement, they are so ready to open their gifts. Calum pulled Ashton up and the boy groaned, draping himself on Calum's back. 'You need to see my gift for you!' Calum says and diverted his eyes from Luke who is looking at him.

Michael chuckled and pulled Luke who was about to sleep again.

Ever since Ashton and Luke fought, Calum started avoiding Luke. He doesn't sleep beside him and even talk to him. When it comes to doing household chores, Calum always does it so he won't have arguments with Luke about it.

The three was already downstairs and Calum went back up and grabbed a special present from the bottom drawer.

Calum got his present for Michael and Ashton, giving it out to the two. Michael ripped the wrapper open and pulled out a cute Christmas sweater that has a huge 'HIS' on the center. He also got the green day's newest album.

Michael squealed and hugged Calum tightly, saying thank you over and over. Ashton opened his and saw the same sweater Michael has and its colored blue compare to michael who has color pink. He pulled out a pair of drumsticks.

'Thank you Cal. You're the best!' Ashton said and kisses Calum on the forehead.

Michael and Ashton gave their presents to Calum and Luke. Calum got a knitted sweater, made especially for him from Ashton and a signed twenty one pilots shirt from Michael.

Luke got the same knitted sweater, made for him especially from Ashton and headphones that are probably too expensive from its normal price from Michael.

The two of course have a gift for each other but they said they won't open it in front of Calum and Luke because their gifts are quite kinky and unexpected sometimes.

'Uh, here. Merry Christmas.' Luke said and handed Calum a teddy bear, holding a heart with the letters CH on it.

Calum took the bear and squished it squealing as it talks. 'Thank you.' Calum says and handed Luke his gift. Luke opened the gift and felt an overwhelming emotion as he saw his favorite perfume. Its a Tommy Hilfiger perfume that he's been trying to buy all his life. Its quite expensive and when he tries to buy it, he always remembers that there will be next time for it.

'Thank you.' Luke says and looked straight at Calum's eyes, letting Calum know that he means it. He saw nothing in Calum's eyes and Calum nodded. 'Merry Christmas.' Calum says and got up, pulling Michael away from the two.

It won't be awkward because Ashton already said sorry for grabbing and sermoning Luke like that. And Luke also apologized.

'Mike, I need your help.' Calum says.

'What is it?'

'Its Luke. I feel like he wants to break up with me already. He's been so cold and I know that you're aware of that. Do you think I should call things off between the two of us?' Calum asked and Michael gasps, quickly shaking his head.

'You can't give up just yet. There's a lot of circumstances on why he is acting like this. Talk to him about it. Maybe because he thinks he doesn't deserve you or anything etcetera etcetera but you can't give up. Do your best, show him that you will not give up and you'll see, he wont be cold to you again. Its like how we became best friends. I asked if we can be best friends and he said no. I kept on trying and trying and it took me almost a year to get him to be my friend. He needed see if i am worthy enough to be his friend. And when I proved that, he opened up to me. Calum please, if he's being difficult, forgive him and try and try.' Michael says and Calum nodded, he knows what Michael said is true. He can't give up, maybe Luke is just trying to test him.

He won't give up.

'Thank you mike.' Calum says and hugged Michael. 'Anytime. Come on, let's prepare breakfast.' Michael says and Calum giggled before started making pancakes.

'Baby what are you making?' Ashton asked and wrapped his arms around Michael's waist, peaking at the crook of his neck. 'Eggs and Bacons. Your favorite.' Michael said and Calum looked at the two, giggling at how cute they are.

Luke helped make the table and the four ate with their breakfast. 'We're leaving at like 4 pm. We need to pack cause we will be at Ashton's house by new year.' Michael said and Calum pouted

'But I want to spend more time with you guys!' Calum said and Michael sighed. 'It can't be helped.' Michael said and Calum pouted before continuing eating.

Michael and Ashton are packing up, Calum helping them with what they are looking for. 'One more Christmas movie? Please?' Calum pleaded Michael and Ashton before the sighed, nodding their heads as they walked to the living room and started watching home alone 2.

Its already 5 and Michael and Ashton really needs to go. 'I'll see you guys soon. Don't worry Cal, we'll face time you everyday.' Ashton said and Calum sniffed, waving at them before running and hugging the two at the same time. 'Alright pumpkin. We need to go.' Ashton says and kissed Calum on the forehead, Michael kissing Calum on the cheek.


Luke gave Michael a hug and a pat in the back to Ashton. He heard a sob beside him and he was surprised to see Calum crying, waving at the car who's driving away from them.

'Stop crying. Come on, I'll watch home alone 3 with you.' Luke says and Calum nodded, surprised a little at Luke's light attitude.

Calum ended up falling asleep on Luke's lap. The boy letting the brunette sleep because he's been up since 5 am.

Calum snuggled Luke's pelvic as he curled up into a ball. 'Lu.' Calum says,still sleeping. Luke hums and Calum is still sleeping, 'I love you.' Calum says and Luke looked down at the sleeping boy.

He leaned down and gave the boy a kiss in the forehead.


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