Family Secrets

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We had been sitting in Brian's living room over thirty minutes. Cindy was pretty shocked when Derek finally came out and asked to know more of her mothers bloodline. They were currently looking at photo albums as Mom, Dad and Cindy told him who everyone was. There was something sticking out of the box that caught my eye. It was similar to the necklace I had used to hide my true self from Derek. I picked it up and noticed the markings on it were much different.

"That was mom's. It was a gift from dad when they were younger." Cindy's eyes filled with tears making me realize just how hard this was in her.
"It's beautiful. The markings don't look familiar though," I said.

" They are German. It had been passed down from my dad for years."

Derek seemed to eye the necklace a moment then turned to Cindy.
" It seems I will need more information on your father as well."

" Mom was sure Brian would express the gene. He was the only hope as his sister showed no signs. I of course was the only child." Her eyes were stained and I felt bad she was forced to relieve all these memories again.

" Well I'm not gonna lie to you. Brian has partial expression. At first I couldn't figure out why he didn't express it after hearing he showed the signs but I think I may know now," Derek said.

" What do you mean?" Mom asked

" I want to wait to be sure before I say anything. But I will most likely be turning your son."

"Turning him?" Her eyes were big and I could tell she was happy he didn't fully express the genes.

" Yes it is his destiny. And it's mine to turn him. I will give him time. But after graduation he will become what he should have been and carry on your mothers bloodline."

" Who are you to decide what my son does? I heard about you Alphas but I'm human and so is my son. You have no right." Her voice was getting louder.

The front door suddenly opened and Brian entered. He must have noticed the tense looks on everyone's face because he came in and stood in front of his mother in a protective stance.

" Brian she's okay no one is hurting her." I said. He eyed me for a moment then relaxed his stance.

" What's going on?" Brian asked.

" I was trying to find out more about your families bloodline and I just informed your mother of your destiny."

Brian's eyes fell to his mothers and they went from sad to pleading.

" Brian you can't be serious? I thought you were fine with being human. It's better this way. They will try to kill..."

" Mother it is my destiny and I must do it. They don't even know I exist anymore."

"Who doesn't know you exist?" It felt like there was something they were hiding. I didn't want to put Brian's life in more danger then it already was.

" Its nothing really. Something Grandma would go on and on about. But nothing ever came of it. Im sure she was just afraid of what the packs would think about it all," Brian said.

Derek squeezed my hand and I knew whatever it was he wanted me to drop it. I hoped he was able to figure this all out.

" Well we have an early morning and it seems the two of you have much to discuss. We are leaving around eight and I will stop over before leaving to pick up the rest of the stuff I requested on your father." Derek stood up and shook their hands signaling the end of the conversation.

" Very well Alpha." Brian bowed his head respectively and his mother hesitated but did the same.

The way back was mostly quiet. It seemed everyone was in their own little world. Derek pulled in the drive and parked the car. For a moment no one moved.

" I didn't know he wished to be like us," My mothers voice said, suddenly filling the car.

"Don't worry I will take good care of him. I got some research to do as well. Do you know anything else about Cindy's father?" Derek asked

"I know he disappeared when Cindy was young." My mother said.

"So he's still alive? She seemed to think he was dead." Derek asked.

"There's been much talk about it but the belief is he is dead. He would have never left his family." Mom said as she got out of the car officially ending the conversation.

Derek came around and opened the door for me. He put his hands under my legs lifting me up causing me to protest a bit. "I can walk Derek."

"Yes but I love the way you feel in my arms and besides I just want to take you upstairs and go to bed. We have an early day tomorrow."

I used my hands to open the door and kicked it slightly with my foot since his hands were full. My parents were nowhere to be seen. I assumed they too had retired to their rooms.

"They went on a walk it's just the two of us." His lips crashed on mine as he carried me up the stairs sending this warm tingling feeling all through my body.

He placed me on my bed and began to strip down causing me to gasp for air at the site of his body. His lips curved up into a smile as he laid his shirt on my dresser and began working on his buttons. I swear I must have been frozen in place. I had seen guys shirtless before plenty of times of course but none affected me like this. Of course I now began to worry about what Derek expected from me and if I was good enough for him

"Relax I'm still in my boxers. I only want to hold you in my arms. I would not push you for something your not ready for" his voice was soft as he laid down in the bed next to me pulling me into his arms. I was suddenly aware I still had my clothes on and hasn't changed into my pajamas but I couldn't bear to leave his arms. His lips gently grazed my neck causing me to shiver. " I love you Isabella." He whispered.

"I love you too" and it was true. Despite all I had tried to do I did love him and I was thankful he forgave me for ever denying him.

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