tick off menma and a raging uchiha (p.2)

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Sasuke POV

'Don't tell me menma just lost MY Naruto!' I thought as I growled not in the mood for playing around.

I got up and looked around for him as i looked down and started to ruffle up my hair looking for naruto every where for him "dont worry sasuke we can look for him after class" Sasukie says patting his brothers back "ugh i hope so" sasuke says as he sat down in his chair.

After class was over Sasuke was the very first one out of the class room to look for naruto which surprised the class cause usually it was kakashi to leave first but the only people who understood the reason why was Menma, and Sasukie as they got up and left as well cause of how worried they were which wasnt much of a biggy considering how much they knew how much sasuke cared for naruto so they weren't as confused as the whole class was.

So mostly they searched high and low and even asked stu......Sasukie asked students Sasuke and menma didnt says anything but the students didnt know were naruto was neither.

Soon they had to head back to class but Sasuke decided to just skip class and continue searching for Naruto and would text Menma when ever the little kitsune was found.

So Sasuke had skipped class just for that reason so ya Sasukie and Menma had to explain to the teacher why Sasuke wasn't in class and that was such a pain to.

But while Menma was writing something down his phone vibrated so he secretly looked at it to see a text from Sasuke though the message was a but hard to read so he allowed Sasukie to read it which he did and whispered it what it ment.

"excuse me can I go to the bathroom" Menma asked as he was than allowed to go so he did and got up and left the class room without even looking back so he looked at the text as it said that he was outside on the ruff, so he text back saying that he was coming.

Sasuke's POV

I was standing on the ruff with this guy that could probably surpass as being me but no not gonna happen this guy was Ino's boyfriend and he has his filthy hands on MY Naruto.

I growled at him "hello Sasuke you don't seem to happy is something wrong" Sai says while smiling "in matter of fact yes there is that child in your hands hand him over" I growled "oh this I just found IT on the ground by your desk" he says, while holding Naruto out as I saw the fear in his blue eyes.

Menma soon made it as he looked at Sai "what is your problem" Menma growled "Nothing just wanna punish you guys for what you did to my girlfriend and her friend" Sai says as he let out a small laugh.

Naruto started to squiggle and squirm as he winced "stop your hurting him" Menma says sounding worried "why should I there are many kids like him after al......." I stopped this dude by punching him in his stupid face causing him to drop Naruto off the ruff than Menma, caught  Naruto instantly almost falling over the ruff so I grabbed his wrist and pulled back onto the ruff than I kicked Sai in the stomach.

Menma held Naruto close as he growled "don't you ever do that again" Menma growled unhappy "I don't see the problem" Sai says "He's nothing special at all" he says again but the next thing he said ticked.me.off so I ran over to him and that's when the fight began.

I wasn't holding back neither so Sai might be having a hard time  which was true cause as how many time I came in contact with his face than everything went dark as he said something else.

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