Victory Is Yours

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It was on course.

So close. The green goalkeeper was in position.

The ball inched closer. I closed my eyes.



The ball bounced off the goal keeper’s foot, and rolled in. No one reacted instantly. They all stood money-robbed, not sure how to react. The goalkeeper Mindy landed with an, "Argh, damn it!" I took off my red framed glasses, rubbed them, then rubbed my eyes and adjusted them back on. I didn’t quite keep up with them; I wasn't the only one either. "Son of a mother duck!" was the first reaction. Then came some others:


"Eat the big, fat, colourful ball Mindy!"

"Did I just win the lotto?" a short girl yelped.

Another smart-arse one replied; "No, you won a kick to the arse."

"WOOHOO! This stick is useful not only for scooping ice-cream!"

I grimaced at all these weird reactions. I shared hi-fives all around, and handshakes to the opponents, of course among them was Sally, who looked like a brownie-gone-wrong, covered in mud but her bright red hair still managing to glow through all the mess. "Not too shabby Miss Unconfidential." Sally joked. "At least I don't look like Sandman off Spiderman."  I sneered back, in a friendly matter.

"You watch that?" She chuckled.

"Who doesn't? He's like the spider to my web, it completes me."

"Oh, very funny."

"If I didn't say so myself, but a true master does not reveal all their secrets at once."

She threw her head back, laughing. I joined in, and I kept that smile on my face the whole day. This time, it wasn't forced.


I got home, and found my mother was in the laundry and dad back from work, reading something I wasn't particularly interested in. I threw my bag on the couch, accidentally knocking my dad out. "Whoa there my chum, easy with the grenade next time." "Sorry dad." I apologised. "Anything new today?" He asked, curious. "Nothing you would put your head into dad, just epically won a hockey game." "Oh really? I remember when I was your age I..." I left before my history class had started.

 I sat on my spinning chair, and did a couple of whirls on it, feeling really relaxed. I came across the bright yellow clock I got for my birthday two years ago. I really have been wasting my time. I sudden pang of weird emotions encaved me, but I couldn't really feel what they were telling me. I decided to ignore it, spinnning in the chair was much more entertaining. Whee. I'm getting a bit dizzy. I'm homework free, and have no life. May as well walk to Emily's house, even if it's four streets away. Blah. I got out of my uniform, which I greatly despised, and started my trek to Emily's. The streets were undisturbed, discluding the lonesome cars that flew by like a hippo with wings, even if that isn't animally possible.

I arrived at Emily's environmentally friendly house, much too much for a human in the 'norm'. It was full white and was not painted with any harmful chemicals that affected anything to do with nature. It sat on the ground, not on a concrete slab like most foundations. The roof was invaded with solar panels and the grass was greener than a jealous grinch. Bad comparison, I know, but this green was mindblowing. I shook my head into reality, and knocked on the door, which I may inform you, is not old fashioned, but a different way to address a door. I think I'm going insane in this heat. I waited a bit, Emily never answers the door because she is either practicing guitar, which definitely did not suit her persona, trust me; or screaming at the stairs she most likely tripped over on the way down. I'm guessing the latter. She was much more awkwardly constructed than me. But finally her mother answered the door with, "Emily, next time do not to stub your toe with the guitar pick just to clean your toe-nails!" It ws hard to keep a straight face in such a situation, this was a new story. She shook her head ashamed, and gave me a warm smile.