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   I cannot believe she got us in New Orleans. Coming in I could just feel the heart and soul of this place. I've wanted to come to New Orleans since I was 7 my sister went there and told me about. It was absolutely amazing. My god was she right.  Our hotel is beautiful. I smile. Once in the  hotel Casey takes Yevonny.

"Babe what you doing"I ask. She hand me a black card

"Go shopping I got Yevonny"She says kissing my cheek.

"Baby I don't wanna I wanna lay with my baby" I whine.

"I know you can later" she says kissing me. I get in the limo and get driven to the mall.
"buy something nice for tonight" Casey texts me. I smile. 

   At the mall I go to many stores but before I leave I spot this store with really pretty dresses in the window.

"Hey I'm Amanda how can I help you?" the sales lady with blue eyes and red hair in slacks and a pretty top.

"Uhm my girlfriend and I are not from here and I wanted to get something  nice for our date"I say. The lady behind her snorts and mumbles dyke. I ignore her because I got better at controlling my temper. Amanda rolls her eyes at the blonde behind her.  Amanda is very patient she's a sweetheart. This peach sun dress catches my eye. It was strapless and long it had pretty green flowers on it.

"Oh that would look beautiful with your skin completion and eye which are very pretty by the way"  Amanda says. I find my size and it was that last on in my size. Amanda picks out some tan heels.

"These will go good with that" she says. I nod. Once I put it on and the shoes I love the way it look I look beautiful and it makes my eyes look brighter. I turn it makes my ass look nice too. I smile.

"Oh you look beautiful" Amanda says gasping. I turn.

"I though so too I'ma get this" I says.

"You should" Amanda says her New Orleans accent is cute.  I get a few more things. I ended up spending 8500 dollars. I didn't know how much she got on this card. I go home and find Casey laying with Yevonny sleep. I smile and strip down to bra and panties and get in bed with her.

    That night when she woke up Casey had taken me on a horse and carriage ride. We finish and go to this balcony restaurant. I smile.

"Jezzy I wanna ask you something"   Casey says.

"Yeah baby anything" I say. She stands me up.

"Baby what are you-"

" She make my heart feel free from years of being caged for so long

Feels the void in my soul with nothing but happiest a happiest that died so long ago

Eases the emotional battle in my mind

Never leaves my mind

In my darkest moment she is my light

In my most painful days she is my medicine

The hands that hold me above drowning 

So many barriers but still able to show me love never felt by another

Desires always on fire

My addiction to my heart one that has been hurt and damaged

Amazed at how such a damaged heart can have to much love for me

She is my favorite book to read

My sanity in my most insane moments

My comfort

My path when I am lost


Future wife

future lover

My other half

The fill for the whole in my heart

When I'm lonely she comes to mind and loneliness disappears.

I know I don't deserve her with all the pain I've caused in the past

She is my doctor not my judge

My support at my most unbalanced moments

She was worth the wait bcuz the praise is far better

A desire that never fades

Brings a real smile to my face when I thought that didn't exist

brings out true laughter a laughter that hasn't been felt in so long

My voice when my silent melody is sang

Removes a mask that had been on for so long

Armor has fallen and I reveal...but she love my nude self my vulnerable self

Loves my flaws

Accepts me pass my deepest insecurities" she recites to me. I start to burst in tears when I see her get on one knee. She pull out a ring. Our song starts to play

"Jezzabelle Wright I have always loved you and love you with all my heart I was confused about who I wanted but I know now like I've always been baby Will you do me the honor of being my wife. Will you marry me"She asks. I cry harder and nod.

"yes"I manage out. She puts the ring with a big ass diamond on it on my finger then kisses me picking me up. The restaurant claps and cheers. I blush not knowing we were the center of attention.

"I love you Jezzy"She says

"I love you too Casey." I says. I could not be happier.


I know its short but promise the next one will be longer. I know I said this would be longer but things change. But hope you liked it.

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