[bc] iii. written in the stars

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2 years after Indie and Harry's wedding.

"River?" Indie asked as she climbed out of the passenger seat of Harry's car, finding her best friend who had been on the road for the last three months walking towards the grand museum. He turned to the sound of her voice and smiled at the sight of her but held his phone up as he came towards them.

"Let me guess," Harry joined Indie. "You got Tina's cryptic text as well."

"Yeah, I got in while I was in New York," he laughed and wrapped his arms around Indie. "It's written in the stars at 6 o'clock sharp. What the hell does that even mean? I don't even know what this building is."

"Yeah, I wasn't exactly sure what it meant either but knowing Tina it's probably extremely dramatic," she laughed as the three began walking towards the entrance. "Anyways, how are you? How's tour?"

"Amazing," he hummed happily. "I wish you were able to come with me. How's little Styles doing?"

"He is doing wonderful," she smiled happily as she rested her hand over her on the non-existence baby bump. "And I wish we were with you too but I'll be with you for the end of the leg. We both will," she announced as she untangled herself from his hug and wrapped her arms around Harry's.

"I know, I heard," he grinned.

"Indie Styles?" A male in a clean cut suit asked as soon as she stepped in the building. Indie turned her head to look at both the boys before turning back to him.

"That'd be me," she nodded.

"This is for you," he extended the dress bag.

"What's going on?" She asked as she accepted the bag.

"It'll come with time," he explained. "Harry and River?" He asked the two boys and when they nodded he turned to the clothing rack and picked out two more dress bags, holding them out to the two. "If you'll follow me."

"This is the weirdest thing Tina has ever done in all the years we've known her," River whispered.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Indie mumbled back.

"Gentlemen, you can get changed in here," the male who had yet to introduce himself gestured towards the door before ushering for Indie to follow him.

"I guess I'll see you two later," Indie shrugged and kissed Harry quickly before running off to follow him. She hadn't understood was happening until she stepped into the changing room only to find it was a large room and a certain brunette stood in the center of it in a ball gown of a wedding dress.

"Surprise," Tina grinned when Indie stepped in.

"What in the hell?" Indie gasped and unzipped the dress bag in her arms to find a navy blue spaghetti strap evening dress inside. "Tina, what is going on?"

"I'm getting married," she smoothed her hands down the front of her vintage lace off the shoulder gown. It was possibly the most extravagate thing Indie's eyes had ever set eyes on. Between the amount of lace detail and the champagne colored under skirt, her head was spinning. That and the fact that she had no idea Tina had even gotten engaged.

"You're telling me you got engaged and didn't tell me?" Indie asked as she laid the dress down. "You look stunning, by the way."

"Thank you," Tina smiled as Indie came towards her. "I wanted it to be a surprise. We both did. I had always dreamed of making a grand entrance to my wedding and what better way to do it then to not even tell my maid of honor it's happening?"

"You are utterly insane," Indie laughed but wrapped her friend up in a tight hug. "I can say I am thoroughly surprised. I haven't seen you in months and I certainly did not expect to see you in a wedding dress the next time that I did."

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