I know there are tons of vampire books on here, but recently I have decided to make one that goes more along the lines of the traditional vamp. This story will be a lot different because it’ll jump from past to present every other chapter. 

Though this is PG-13, it may be changed to R if I reveal more of the past.

            p.s. I’d really appreciate comments! :D


            How was it that I had managed to be so great at keeping secrets and hiding, and yet now I find myself in a tight situation? My master came towards me with those eyes that have haunted me for nearly a decade now. He was angry—no, not angry, he was furious

“If you run, I will kill,” he threatened.

My fangs extended at his threat, though I made no move towards him. In a fight between me and him; I’d most definitely lose.

He stepped towards me, his black heavy boots making a loud thump at each step. I was a coward.

“We’re leaving,” he announced, forcefully grabbing my arm and tearing me away from my freedom.

“No,” said a voice I hoped so much would just keep quiet.

Xavier, my creator, looked at the person I had mentally begged would run now. 

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