"My bad, I pulled up jamming that old Wayne." He chuckled, turning it down a little before backing out of the yard.

It was cool that I've gotten close to them weeks ago at the mall, but it really felt like I've known them forever. Kobe was a total goof ball, made tons of jokes and was kind of funny while Deion would laugh at his friend's goofing around. They were definitely the two opposites but it's what made them close, I'm sure.

"Life is a b*tch and death is her sister," Kobe rapped along to Lil' Wayne's song, 6 Foot 7 Foot. "Sleep is the cousin– what a f*ckin' family picture!"

"You know Father Time, and we all know Mother Nature," Deion added. "It's all in the family, but I am of no relation."

"No matter who's buyin', I'm a celebration." I finished the part.

Kobe decided to change the song, into something else as he started swerving and switching lanes making me grab hold of the seats.

"KOBE!" I yelled.

He started laughing as if it was funny and decided to stay in one lane. I rolled my eyes as he glanced at me through the review mirror then winked making me extend the middle finger towards him.

"I'm telling Katrina you cursing!" He joked.

"Shut up!" I yelled.

"Aiight, enough of that." Deion warned.

The car ride was silent until Kobe changed the song again.

Finally, we arrived at our destination as I glanced out of the window at the sign that had poster saying Interviews inside: Pretty Ladies Edition. It didn't take long for Kobe to find a parking spot, as he turned the car off he chuckled at me.

"Thank you for the ride here Kobe but never again." I told him before Deion stepped out of the car to open the door for me. "Thank you, I'm still so nervous."

He leaned closer, kissing my lips over and over before pulling back to take off the lipstick on his lips. "Better?"

I hugged him, still standing on my tippy toes with these heels on.

"Is y'all finished or is y'all done?" Kobe questioned, crossing his arms.

I laughed, wiping more of the lipstick off of Deion's lips and smiled at him then we proceeded into walking again.

Kobe opened the door, allowing me to get through as he followed behind with Deion. He then led me to the door, I'm guessing where the interviews were being held.

"The building is nice!" I looked around the place that the interview was setup at.

"My cousin just using it but yeah, she real serious about her business." Kobe replied, as we headed towards a door that had a sign on the door that showed Zakia Perry.

Of course, Kobe being the goofy he was started making a beat after he knocked on the door and was laughing at himself.

"KOBE stop knocking on my door like that!" The person behind the door stated before opening the door. "I already know it's you."

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