~Sarah's POV~

Adam's attention redirects to behind me, where the box is. He raises an eyebrow, "You brought stuff?" He questions. I nod, pulling out a sweater and wrapping myself in it. He smirks and takes the box too bring inside.

I come in behind him and look around. It's really empty and echo-y. I can't help but yell out and create an echo.

Adam taps my shoulder, "Do you want to see your room?" He asks. I smile, "Of course I do!"

He leads me into the hallway and into a small, blue room. There is bookshelves covering 2 of the 4 walls and a large bed.

"Do you like it?" He asks, surveying the room himself. I run up and hug him in response, "It's perfect."

~Ty's POV~

That interview went great! I got the job, I'm starting tomarrow! Honestly, could anything get better?

I opened the door, and called out. "Hello! Guess who got a job?" But no answer. I would atleast expect Sarah to jump out, but she didn't.

To be honest, I got a little scared. I looked around the house but nothing turned up. I finally settled my eyes on a note left on the counter.

"I went to Adam's house ~ Sarah"  I let out a sigh of relief. She was with Adam. I noticed the majority of the things were packed thanks to Sarah (But too be honest we didn't have much), I decidedto pack the rest and go to Adam's.


Everything was all packed now, clothes, books, kitchen utensiles. Everything. Slowly but surely I packed everything into the car we barely used and drove to Adam's.

I was there within 5 minutes, my car heavy with boxes. As I pulled into the driveway Sarah and Adam ran outside, "Welcome to our humble abode." Adam called out, Sarah gave him a look. "That's my line."

We all came inside, all carrying boxes.Sarah set her box of her clothes in her bedroom and me and Adam's set ours down in the living room. Sarah came back out into the living room and we sat down on the floor waiting for us. We have no idea what to do, not even Sarah can think of anything, which is surprising.

"Welp, I don't know about you, but I'm going in my room to draw. You guys have a make-out session or something." He says as she stands up and leaves.

Me and Adam sit on the floor eyeing eachother for a few minutes, sometimes making weird faces and laughing. As Adam gets up to go check on Sarah (mostly out of boredom) he gives me a kiss on the cheek, but before he pulls away there is a sudden chill and we both stand there frozen in shock.

~Sarah's POV~

As I got up I darted around the corner next to my room, spying out. Were they actually going to? He eyed eagerly from the corner but not much happened.

They gave eachother some weird looks and laughed. I heard Adam say something about me while getting up, so I darted back around the corner, but I hear a small pop sound and everything goes silent.

Curious, I turn the corner again and I see Adam leaning over, his face next to Ty's. Did they kiss?

But, they're not moving or pulling away. Ever more curious I walk out and notice they're staring at the door, I look over and there is a lady, staring at them, mouth gaping.

I wave my hand in her face, "Oh hai."



.~. My aunt wanted to read this, she asked for the link.

I never gave it to her and now I fell threatened.

Anywho, baii~


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