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Merry Christmas!


Another Christmas has come and here I am again on this cold winter month without anyone by my side. I relaxed in my seat and rest my head on my arms while looking out at the window.


The soft white crystals glistening in the sky. Today was the first day of snow that has landed here from the past year. I snuggled myself in my blanket, wanting to feel warm on this cold temperature. I need someone to warm me up with their hugs, to be in their arms and snuggle together but I got no one. No one at all.

I looked at the clock before standing up from my spot. I really want to stay in this spot forever, just to relax in this peaceful quiet place and watch the snow fall down from the cloudy white sky but I know I have to go because of school! I groaned and shuffled lazily towards the bathroom.

I locked the door and look at myself in the mirror. Slapping both my hands on my checks. 

With those puffy cheeks, brown hazelnut puppy eyes and a bunny looking teeth. I look like a bunny right now. Why can't I be handsome like Jimin? Why do I have to look cute and why can't I be hotter than Jimin? 

If I was hotter than him, he would have noticed me and we probably could have been friends or maybe more than that. I whined just because of Park fricken Jimin being the most handsome person in the world while I am just here in this small bathroom looking like a cute chubby bunny.

I grabbed my toothbrush and slowly squeeze some toothpaste on it. I filled a cup of water and began toothbrushing up, down and side to side. I spat the paste from my mouth and rinse my mouth. 

I smiled at myself in the mirror, checking if there are any food stuck in my teeth. 

Nice! Nice and bright as white snow. 

I clicked my tongue and wink at myself before having a shower. Stripping off my bunny pattern pajamas, the cold air immediately rushed through my body.

"Cold! Cold! Cold!" I shivered before walking in the shower.

I turned on the shower and let the warm water engulf me. I relaxed with a sigh that has released from my mouth.

"Warm. Warm. Warm" I uttered. I closed my eyes.

After having the most warmest moment in life. I stepped out of the shower and the cold air once again went through me, leaving me some goosebumps on my skin.

"Cold! Cold! Cold!" I shivered again.

With a speed of light, I grabbed a huge towel to wrapped myself in. I waddled like a penguin through my bedroom and put on my red and green Christmas underwear since it is Christmas. My mommy used to always say, we should always wear an underwear with the same matching occasion, like for example, when it is Easter, you wear a picture of a bunny with Easter eggs and on Halloween, you wear a picture of a bat and a jack-o-lantern.

I slipped on my black jeans, put on my black plain shirt and a blue winter coat to keep me warm. I decided to put a blue winter coat today because you know why. 

I wore this because it is Jimin's favorite color and maybe just maybe, he will notice me.

I looked at myself in the mirror and comb my hair.

"I am cute af" I smiled, admiring myself, being a cutie pie. Since I can't be handsome, I will just be cute because someone *cough* Jimin *cough* I mean someone is already taken of being handsome.

I walked downstairs and grab some toast, put on my timberlands and my beanie before walking outside.

I locked the door and the wind immediately went past through me. I shivered at the coldness and began walking on the pathway that has been covered up with snow. I didn't expect this to be really cold. I wrapped my arms and continue to walk. 

The wind was so strong, it blew my beanie out of my head and flew away. 

"Wait for me!" I yelled at the beanie.

I tried to catch it but failed. I ran and ran but couldn't catch it. I stopped to catch my breath and put my hands on my knees. That was my only beanie I have left but I just have to let it go.

(Note: Let it go by Elsa)  

I look at the ground and tears were about to come out.

I don't want to cry like a crybaby but I just let my tears out but then I am scared to cry because if I cry then my tears will turn into ice.

I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand and when I look up, my beanie was now in front of my with someone holding it.

Without hesitation, I grabbed my beanie and hugged the unknown person. I always hugged people whenever someone finds my things even random people. The unknown person returns the hug with his arms around my waist. Somehow my heart is starting to beat really fast and I don't know why it is doing that.

"Ahh thank you for finding my beanie!" I sniffed out happily.

The person chuckled "It's no worries," He said.

Just before I know it, I recognized that person's voice. I broke the hug and look at the person.

My face began to turn red like a red Christmas ball. 

Why didn't I look before I hug?!

I just hugged....

My long term crush!


I couldn't believe I hugged Jimin a second ago and he hugged back! OMG I can't breathe! Someone help me. This is so embarrassing!

I quickly bowed at him, "I d-didn't mean t-to hug you. S-Sorry," I stuttered.

"It's fine. You don't have to apologize," He smiled.

I am going to melt like a snowman in any minute by now. His smile is like a sun on a winter day.

"Here," He said.

He wraps his arm around my waist again.

"Let's just stay like this for a bit since you are warm," He said making me blush at the compliment.

So this is what it feels like to hug someone who is your crush. You feel cozy and warm, warm like home. We continue to hug each other and that is how my Christmas morning goes.

I wonder what will happen later on this day?


First Chapter and I finished! Yaasss!

There are more chapters to come and I hope you will enjoy it.

How was it?

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Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄✨

~ Sophia

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