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*Luke's POV*

"Jenna!!!" I yelled downstairs.

"Yeah, babe?" She yelled back.

"Come up here into Lily's room!"

She ran up the stairs, "what did she do now- oh my god. Did she run away?"

"I'm guessing..."

"Where would she go? Wouldn't she leave a note?"

"I have no idea"

"Let's call her cell phone!" She said, walking out of the room, just as I heard something outside of her window. I looked out, and it was Lily, climbing up the side of the house with a grocery bag in her hand.

"Hey, Lil.." I said, and she looked up. Jenna backed up into the room.

"DAD!!" She screamed.

"What is that in your hand?" I asked her, helping her through the window.

"Nothing," she said, hiding it behind her back.

*Lily's POV*

"Show us. Now," Dad said sternly.

I pulled the bag out from behind my back and opened it up slowly. There were two small boxes in there. They were two pregnancy tests.

"Lily... You- you think you might be pregnant?" Mum asked.

"I don't know, I just.. I'm so sorry Mum" I flung my arms around Mum and she comforted me.

"It's okay, Lily. We all make mistakes. I made the same mistake as you did. That's why you're here, but you aren't a mistake, you're a beautiful young lady. It'll be okay, but if you are pregnant, don't wait until your child is two to tell Logan. He would be the father, right?"

"You know damn well he better be," Dad looked at me sternly.

"Yeah.." I said and walked into the bathroom to take the tests. Dad decided to let Mum deal with women stuff. He walked downstairs and left us alone.

I walked out of the bathroom in tears. Mum engulfed me in a huge hug.

"It'll be okay, Lil. You need to tell Logan" Mum told me.

"Okay.." I said, pulling my computer out. We got onto Skype, and I clicked his name. His face popped up seconds later.

"Hey, Lily. Hey, Mrs. Hemmings. What's wrong, Lily?" He asked because he noticed I was just crying.

I held up the pregnancy tests, and Logan said, "are those pregnancy tests?"

I nodded and said, "they're positive."

Logan's mouth dropped, "You're pregnant?" He asked.

I nodded once more, and Logan said, "I'm coming home right now"

"What!? No! You can't, Logan!" I told him.

"I have to, babe.." He told me.

"This is what I didn't want Luke to do because of you.." Mum whispered in my ear.

"Yeah" I whispered back.

"Lily, I'm catching the next flight back to Sydney. I don't care about Harvard. I'll find a college in Sydney so I can be with you, okay?" Logan said.

"Okay. I'll see you then. Love you Logan" I smiled.

"Love you too Lily. Bye"

He hung up, and I began crying onto Mum's shoulder. She looked at me and asked, "what's the matter, Lil? Aren't you happy he's coming back?"

"I am, I just don't want him to give up his dream of going to Harvard and getting a good education.."

"What did I say earlier, Lily? If you want or love something, let it go. If it really loves you, it'll come back. He really loves you and cares about you. If he didn't love you and didn't care about you, he wouldn't drop everything to pack back up and come back to Sydney just to be with you. If the world wants him to be a doctor, he will find a school here in Sydney and get accepted into it, okay?"


*Lily's POV of Jenna's POV* (basically what Lily thinks her mum is thinking)

I thought about my little girl growing up. She was starting to understand what I've learned in life, except a little earlier. I didn't want for her to go through all of the pain I did when Luke was not in my life for the first two years of her life, and I didn't want her child to not have a dad like she did for its first two years. I thought about how painful that was for me. I was thinking back to all of those times I cried because Lily looked just like Luke. But the one thing was: I wouldn't change a thing.


I played it out in my head to see what my parents would say if I told them what I had actually gone to the store to buy. I didn't want to tell my parents what was in the bag. Luckily, I'd gotten some things at the department store other than the pregnancy tests, so I showed them those things instead.

"What is in the bag, Lily Abigail?" Dad looked at me, his eyes piercing through me. I didn't want to lie, but I knew I must.

"I just went to get some comfort foods, okay? Ice cream, chocolates, candy. I'm just really going to miss Logan, and I need some comfort right now. I'm sorry if I've been rude lately. I really don't mean it; it's just my emotions taking over. I promise I'll really try to control my outbursts, and maybe just comforting myself for a while will help," I told them, even though not much of it was lies. I really felt as if I needed comfort at that time, so that part was true.

"Okay, Lily. We understand. But next time you sneak out, even if it's just to go to the market, leave a note. Please," Mum begged me. I agreed with her, and her smile turned sweet.

"You have fun with your comfort foods and other things. I really hope you're a lot less sad soon," Dad told me, not exactly sure of what to say or how to say it.

"Yeah, I will. Uh, thanks," I smiled awkwardly as my parents walked out of my room.

Once they were out, I closed the door and pulled out what I'd really gone to the store for: pregnancy tests.


I know this prologue isn't the best, but I'm sure you're going to love the rest of this sequel! Much love☺️
-Lizzie xx

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