The Prince leaves

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Noctis Lucis Caelum was leaving his home to go to the city on the sea known as Altissia to marry Lunafreya, the oracle, as a way of making peace with the Imperials. He was preparing to leave Insomnia when his father stopped him.
"Son, you will be the next king, stand tall."
"I will, father."
"C'mon Noct! We gotta get going!"
"Coming Prompto!"
"I wish you luck my son."
Noctis rushed to his friends sides. He traveled with his companions Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus. They got into the Regalia, a car that Noctis owned, and started their journey, unknowing of what would soon happen to their dear home.
Y/n P.O.V
"King Regis, you wanted to see me?" "Y/n, there you are, Cor and I have an important mission for you." "A mission? What kind of mission, if I may ask, sir?" "I would like you to protect my son, Noctis, on his journey to marry Lady Lunafreya." "Protect the future king?! Sir, I'm not sure I can handle it, why don't you send Cor, he's much stronger than me." "Y/n, my dear, you have fighting abilities like no other, and you're the same age as Noctis, I feel he would be able to adjust to you much quicker and grow stronger if I sent you instead of Cor." Cor walked into the citadel as King Regis finished his sentence. "Y/n, King Regis is trusting you with something important, and I have a feeling they'll need me here for a while, besides, if anyone can handle it, I know for a fact that it's you." "Thank you, both of you, so much for believing in me, I don't deserve it." "Of course you do, now, we have called one of the workers at Hammerhead, they apparently are currently fixing up the Regalia for Noctis, so we've called Cid to take you to Hammerhead while Cindy keeps Noctis and his crew busy, knowing them, they'll most likely go camping, so you might have to search for them, finally this is a letter for Noctis telling him why you'll be there, good luck Y/n." "Thank you Cor, goodbye your majesty, bye Cor." I took the letter from Cor and dashed out to see Cid in his old truck. "Well well, if it isn't Y/n, you've grown so much." "Hey Cid!" I used to visit Cid when I was younger, I visited him mostly to get away from my parents, it was almost like I never existed to them, all they cared about was money, and their jobs. Cid was always welcoming and supported me, I also played with Cindy when we were younger. Cindy was like a best friend to me, and I was excited to see her and Cid again. "Get in, we better hurry if we're gonna catch that prince." "Right!" I got in the truck and we drove to Hammerhead. I looked out of the window, seeing the land go by, I started to get tired and fell asleep during the ride.
~Time Skip~
I woke up to Cid shaking me lightly. "Your friend wants ta see ya, she knew you were comin, so don't leave her waitin." "Right." I rubbed my eyes sleepily as I slowly got out of the truck. "Howdy Y/n! I've been waitin for ya!" Cindy ran over and threw her arms around me. "How's the Kingsglaive been treating ya?" "It's been great, training with the others, and getting stronger with them, and going on missions together, what about you, and the garage?" "Great! Cid's been lettin me take over and fix cars brought in, like the Regalia. I looked at the jet black car, seeing how shiny and nice it looked, I knew Cindy did a great job on it. "Wow, that's what the prince drives?" "Well, it's what he rides in, his one companion Ignis drives for him, mostly because Noctis falls asleep for a lot of the rides." "Haha, I guess I can relate to him." "Of course you can Y/n, you fall asleep in basically every car ride!" "What can I say? It's relaxing and I like the feeling of sleeping in a car, is that a bad thing?" "I suppose not, anyway, I sent Noctis to go find Dave, he's been missing, so you can hopefully find him and his crew that way." She pointed off into the distance and I nodded. "Thanks, I'll see you soon." "No problem, and if you find them, tell them the Regalia is ready to go!" "I will!" I called back to her as I ran off into the distance, in a search for the prince. I wasn't sure where to look, but after quite a bit of running I found an old abandoned looking shed.

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