What? What was Jarid talking about? Oh yeah, I gave him the wrong room number. Whoops.

I glanced around the room to find Campschi staring lustfully at Jarid, who had sat back down. Sucker! Guess he thought it was me who he spent the night with. Oh, I'm going to have to find out more about this!

Campschi caught my eye, and when I raised it ever so slightly in a questioning look, she almost sprinted over.

"What do you know? What did Jarid tell you about last night?" She whispered loudly to me. West looked at me with a questioning look, and I smirked. Let him figure out what it means.

"Oh, he said he had a blast, and that we should do it again." I replied, smiling down at my food.

"What? But it was me he slept with, not you! Oh that little-"

I leaned over and whispered in her ear that I lied to him. When I pulled away her face was very surprised. I let an evil grin catch the corners of my mouth, and Campschi mimicked me, catching along with the trick.

"So if I pretend I'm you, I'm good? He'll never know?" She whispered into my ear.

"Never," I answered, grinning like a 2 year old who just got the biggest lollipop in the whole world.

"Works for me! Play the player, get the hot guy in the end. Sounds like fun!" She giggled excitedly,rubbing her hands together. She strutted back to her table, and continued staring at Jarid the whole time. I could see the gears turning in her head, she was thinking so much!

I silently chuckled, and West shot me a look.

"Jarid asked for my room number and I gave him hers," I spoke, nodding towards Campschi, "and so he thought he slept with me, when it was really her. Haha the loser!"

"Sucker! Couldn't he also get in trouble for going into someone else's room after curfew?" Lorelei laughed.

"Yup, he could!"

"That's funny!" She snickered, and some people around us shot us looks.

"Sorry."  She muttered, and stood up to leave.

"You ready to go?" Lorelei asked, leading us back to our rooms.

"Well, we're following you, aren't we?" Cathy muttered. We followed after her, and ended up in the room that was piled high with clothes and shoes. I saw my stylist right away, standing with Lorelei's stylist, Rodney.

"Hey Fabiola," I exclaimed, walking over to her.

"Ah! Avee is here! I have ze dress for you and Lorelei, zis perfect!" She told me, walking over to the corner of the room and grabbing a box that was on top of other boxes labeled MAKEUP, or BOWS. Fabiola walked over to where Lorelei and I were waiting with Rodney.

"The dress is perfect for you! After we see how it fits, you'll go into the bathroom to get fixed up with your stylist. Since we are staying in this wing, and you 2 got picked last, you'll go last. West wil go earlier, he is actually getting ready with his stylist right now." Rodney explained to us.

"Look!" Fabiola cried as she peeled of the lid to the box. In it were our dresses mine being black with a white ribbon, hers white with black ribbon. I copied her and pulled mine out, stripping to my undegarments so I could try the dress on. I slipped it on, and figured out it fit perfectly. It was a perfect fit, and it showed off my curves and flat stomach nicely. I gave a little twirl with Lorelei, and we got an exceptional applause form Fabiola and Rodney. I grinned at them, and her applause from behind me.

West stood there wearing his goofy smirk of a smile that I loved, and hit his hands together to a rythymical beat. He was wearing minimal makeup, and looked gorgeous. On his body he was wearing a T-shirt that was colored to look like a bowtie and suit, and he was wearing some jeans. He had on red converse shoes to match the red "bowtie". He walked towards me, and lifted me up to his height.

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