A Villain is Born

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Legend's Quake is a story aimed primarily at the 9-14 age group, but it's an adventure story, and who doesn't love an adventure story filled with ancient legends, gold, wild animals, bold characters and Roweena, who can forget her, she's always my favorite.

Legend's Quake starts out in a blaze of fire that breaks out in a Victorian manner house, which leads Ellie, the main character on a quest to save the home she grew up in.

*Spoiler Alert*

The following chapter is the backstory to Legend's Quake's big bad. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet it won't ruin the story, but you will an insider to one of the twists. This means you can start yelling at the mean old grumpy pants long before he shows his true colors, especially as Ellie tells everyone how great she thinks he is.

Just a note for those who have already read Legend's Quake, this is Thom's story, and so the tone is slightly different as it reflects who he is.

Just a note for those who have already read Legend's Quake, this is Thom's story, and so the tone is slightly different as it reflects who he is

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Thom looked at his Grandfather, a big burly man with large hands and a deep voice. He was beginning one of his stories, the kind that Thom could listen to over and over again. In fact, he had.

"Long ago when my Grandfather's father was just a boy, he lived in a town that most would consider magical. Oh, it's not that they had wands and fairy dust, it just that they lived in peace. I think most people would consider that magical, wouldn't they Thom?" He winked at his young grandson, full of promise and joy as he whittled away at a small block of wood, trying to undercover the wolf locked inside it.

"There are always wars Grandfather. Why is that?"

"Usually it's because people want something that doesn't belong to them. They go to war to take it by force, and the people fight back to keep it."

"Why can't people just share?" he asked. After all, he was only six, and that is what is warring six-year-olds are always taught.

"Ah my boy, the strong will always take advantage of the weak. Maybe one day you will grow to fight those who take things from you."

"When I grow up, that's exactly what I'll do. I'll make you so proud."

"You always make me proud, but maybe when you're older you can take back what was stolen from us."

"In Danustran?"


"Tell me the rest of the story again Grandfather."

This was a scene that was repeated time and time again. Thom's Grandfather would tell him the story of the fall of Danustran, at the hands of the Scoundrel King Arum. Thom would listen intently while working away at his wooden block in the shed behind his Grandparent's cabin, using the real carving tools that this mother would never let him use if she knew.

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