After that I went home to see Allison heading to her car.

"Hey," I say. "Where you going?"

"A store," Allison says not caring enough to look back.

I walked into the house and my dad was sitting on the couch waiting for me. "Abby, you want to sit down?"

I sat down and sat on the couch in front of my dad and aunt Kate.

"Kate thinks that since you're a year younger than Allison, that you should have been trained after her."


"I'm not finished." He says holding up his index finger to silence me. "I, however think you should be taught first. You're stronger than Allison," he pauses for a while and nobody said anything.

"So with that being said," he finally started again. "You're going to keep hunting."

I smiled softly, trying to keep all the happiness in.

"That means," Kate says. "You may not be going to school much at the moment. We still have two betas and an alpha to worry about."

"Okay," I say.

"You're free to go," my dad says.

I walk up to my room, but before I got far, I felt it. I felt him. That's weird, how could you feel someone you've never touched.

I grabbed my things, threw them on my bed, and went to the sporting store.  The parking lot was filled with cars, but I saw him. He was standing next to a tree looking at me.

"Derek," I say smiling at him as I walked up to him.

He pulls me behind the tree and shushes me. I can see why. In the parking lot I saw Scott crouching on a car.

"Do we do something?" I ask.

"Just wait," Derek says.

Scott left the car he was perched on and jumped on the car Allison was in with Jackson. He was shaking the car.

Derek got a hold of Scott and threw him to where I was. All of a sudden Scott and Derek was fighting.

"Scott," Derek says, "stop." He shouted through fangs, but when Scott didn't Derek tossed him to where he hit a tree trunk.

Scott jumped on Derek, but Derek dodged it and Scott hit the ground. Scott ran back towards Derek trying to hit him, but Derek kicked him. Scott still wasn't done.  Finally I bared my fangs, glowing eyes, and claws. I attacked along side Derek to get Scott to stop.

I swung at Scott, scratching his cheek. He tried hitting me but I dug my claws in his chest and pushed him towards Derek. After that Derek body slammed him, we grabbed his jacket and both growled in his face.

Scott backed away. Derek and I transformed back into humans.

Scott looked at his claws, breathing heavily. "What's happening to me?" Scott asked looking up at Derek and I.

"Exactly what he wants to happen," Derek answers.


I went home to see my dad and Kate getting into the car. "Abigail," Kate said, "get in the back."

I followed her orders and got in the middle back seat so I could see everything.

They didn't talk much the whole ride.  So I didn't ask where we were going.
We finally arrived and I saw the blinking lights of police cars and ambulances. My dad put the car in park and we watched.

"That's one's Stiles," I say pointing to my friend.

"Another friend of Allison."

My dad looks at me, the at Kate.

"You gonna tell me about the talk you had with her?"

"You tell me something first," Kate says, "That night you came across those two betas, one of them was smaller, right."

"Mm," my dad nodded his head.

"We'll was he just smaller, or could he have been younger too? "

My dad and Kate looked back at Stiles. They were getting closer to finding out about Scott, but what was I supposed to do? Do I stay loyal to the werewolves and not sag anything about Scott, or do I remain loyal to the hunters and tell them everything I know? High school should not be this hard. I'm supposed to be a normal girl living in a normal world going to a normal school. None of this werewolf or hunting should even be happening. What's going to happen when my family finds out about me. Will they shoot me, or spare me.


When we got home, I went up to my room and saw Allison sitting on my poorly made bed.

"Hey," I said. "What're you doing?"

"Can we talk?"

"Yeah, of course," I said closing my door.

"Okay, so what exactly happened in the school?"

"Allison, I don't think you should be asking me this question."

"Abby, I know you know what happened in that school."

"Fine," I say, "Derek tried killing all of us by locking us in the school, Scott tried saving us, but Derek was already gone before he could do anything."

"I don't think that's what happened Abigail."

I breath in. "Allison, that's the truth, sorry if you don't like it, but that's what happened. Now please leave do I can get ready for bed."

She left my room and I collapsed on my bed breathing in a deep breath and letting it out. "I hate lying to you," I say softly.

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