Chapter 12 | I Think Eli Was Cheating On Me

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"Why have these past couple of days felt like the great depression?"

No matter what, Jordan always manages to keep his pearly white smile and uplifting personality that could make anyone feel like a good day is just right around the rainy corner; even if my brother is singlehandedly breaking his heart.

However, I still shoot him a disproving look, "That was a tragic time, I wouldn't joke about it unless you want to be haunted by ancient ghosts who actually suffered through the great depression."

He bumps his hip slightly into mine, sitting his notebook and pen down on the oval table in the newspaper club room. "You're in better spirits this afternoon. You've been so mopey these past few days I thought that you may have lied to me about the pregnancy test being negative."

"You could have just asked Eli if you were unsure." I grovel, frowning down at the Nikon in my trembling hand as I aggressively change out the film. "Since he saw it for himself."

That snooping -- overly cute -- bastard.

Jordan thoughtfully nibbles on his bottom lip while pushing the framed glasses back up his nose before folding his arms over his chest to lean against the sea-foam green chair. "You never told me what happened between you two after you found out you weren't with Oscar's child."

With a quick shrug my brows managed to dip even further, causing a slight ache in my temples. "Not much if I'm honest. I've become quite good at running away from him and my problems it seems, so that's what I did."

He rubs my back gently, gazing at me with eyes that swirl with concern. "You don't run from your problems, Sage. You just have a lot going on at the moment with your parents, and your body acting all funny. If Eli cares about you, which I know he does, he'll give it a rest for a bit to give you some space."

I exhale a shaky breath, giving up on my camera for the moment as I lay my slightly sweaty palms on the table. "I don't need space, I just need everything to go back to the way it was before I left this summer."

Jordan gives me a you're-not-actually-serious look, dropping his hand from my back to fully face me. "You can't stand here and tell me that there wasn't a small flicker of hope when you found out Sabrina and Eli broke up. Plus, he's giving all of his attention to you, not that he didn't do that before."

Frustrated, I sigh heavily. "That's the problem... Yes, I do have enough to deal with at home, but I can't stop thinking about the things Eli has said and done while still being with Sabrina." His brows raise, immediately knowing I have already been giving Eli a chance in my head. "And no, don't get the wrong idea. Eli is strictly my brothers best friend and that's all he can be at the moment."

He nods gently, "I get where you're coming from, and I can't explain Eli's reasoning for the things he's done. All I can vouch for is that boy cares about you more than Cory loved Topanga."

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