The world's loss

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The room was as black as the eyes of Death, the demonic angel stared unblinking whilst hiding in the corner, waiting patiently like predator stalking prey; the shadows were its allies. The one light, which hung from the ceiling as the actors followed the orders of the protagonist, was the soul of the victim as his life slowly slipped away into the thick fog of black that many of the heroes failed to notice; they were too focused on their jobs.

My latex gloves clung to my hands, clinging on to the skin as they became wet with blood. I looked down at the dying man laying in front of me and prayed that I could save his life.

We stood around him, me and my entourage, in a dark room with the only light shining on his chest. I was the leader of the group, the alpha of the wolves. I had already led my pack here and now nothing would stop me.

My heart hammered inside the chest, like the hammer of a blacksmith smacking hot iron, but I tried to keep my appearance calm. Sweat glistened my brow as my fears ghoulishly crawled into my brain and dragged themselves through the labyrinth of my mind. Nevertheless, I could not allow my group the knowledge of my fears although I'm sure that, despite my calm exterior, it was very obvious what my fears were.


Another heartbeat... slow and patient, as the man laying before us gripped to life just as much as my gloves still clung to my fingers.

After about an hour in the room, we had finally succeeded and I was relieved. Pride of a lion filled my heart.

We celebrated my colleague's birthday that night at The Temple; an expensive club built to look very much like the old, great temples of Greece which gave it a sense of least until people began fighting like apes or showing their stomachs. We talked, me and my colleagues, while we celebrated and shared the usual deep conversations and embarrassing stories that a group of friends usually do when comforted by the charismatic liquid of alcohol as it slides down their tongues. Unfortunately I could not drink so much that night, being the designated driver as usual. I often found this to be quite little annoying but at the same time it was somewhat entertaining to watch my colleagues comedically stumble around talking about the memories of their youth and their wishes to relive it.

To my surprise, I was home quite early that night at around 11:30pm and went upstairs and threw myself onto the soft, beige duvet and pillows upon my bed; ready to drift into a comfortable sleep. My wife worked nights sometimes at the local bar so I didn't worry too much about her too but made sure to send her the usual quick text message before going to bed.

"Night. I'll see you tomorrow :) x"

She had a day off work the next day and I was hoping to take her out on a date when I had finished work; an idea that she knew nothing about.

Looking back now, I should've shook of the fatigue and waited patiently for my wife. Drove to her workplace or make sure that she was okay...but I didn't and instead fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning at 7am with a heavy sensation in my stomach and heart along with loud knocking on my front door that in my half-asleep state I almost took for the start of the apocalypse...When I opened the front door to my home, two men stood at the door, stern faces like stone with a hint of guilt. They both looked at eachother and took one long breath each before the officer on the right looked apologetically into my eyes and after a few tense seconds, spoke.

"Hello, we are sorry to inform you that there has been an accident..."

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