Public Boner E

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You were at a water park with your boyfriend Ethan, enjoying your summer break. You wore a light blue bikini that you felt confident in. Ethan wore his black swim trunks.

You had been swimming around and going down all of the rides and just having a blast so far. The next ride to do is the intertube slide. Its a long slide but its fast and goes all around the park, really. You step up next in line and grab an intertube for you and Ethan.

The lifeguard at the top of the ride stared you up and down as you sat on Ethan's lap. He was obviously checking you out and you and Ethan both noticed.

"Eyes off, buddy." Ethan said sternly while wrpaig his big warm arms around your stomach.

The guy looked away and waved his hand saying it was safe to go. You push off and start down the slide. On the turns you adjusted your self to stay level and not fall of the tube. You started slipping down Ethan's legs so you tried to push yourself back up on his lap.

He made a noise that could barely be heard over the commotion of the water slide and thousands of people screaming and yelling in he park.

You looked back momentarily at him and his plump lips were pursed and his eyes closed. You didn't fail to notice the slight sun burn forming on his cheeks and nose and the wet strands of hair stuck to his forehead.

"Babe are you okay?" You say kind of loudly so he can hear you as you slide down the slide.

He lightly bites his lip and opens his eyes while nodding. His eyes trail your water dropplet covered body and he licks his lip before you turn back around, enjoying the end of the slide.

You fly off the end into the main large pool and everyone claps when you get there. You jump off the intertube and push it over to he worker that is collecting them and clipping them to a line that's being pulled back up the slide.


You turn around expecting to see Ethan but are confused when you don't.

"E-" you turn to see he's right beside you.  You giggle and smile at him.

"Come on let's go do one more!" You beg like a child.

"Baby I-" He stuttered with flushed cheeks.

"Ethan whats-" you look at what he's motioning at with his eyes.

Even in a fucking pool his boy has a boner. You laugh and wrap your hands around his neck and float hanging onto him.

"You dumbass. We're in public." You joke.

He whines softly in your ear.

"Hey," you whisper, "say you swim around for a bit until it goes away, then we manage one more slide-" he starts to protest but you put your finger to his lips. "Eh eh." You stop him. "One more slide.. and then we go home and I'll make up for it." You say teasing him by rubbing his hard member through his swim trunks, being carefully that no one is near by or paying attneion to you two.

He closes his eyes and let's his head fall back slightly, partying his lips.

You pull your hand away. "Deal?" You say batting your eyelashes.

He groans and nods.

"Okay now let's swim around for a bit, until your, um, yeah goes away." You laugh and he blushes smiling.

(I honestly think this was shitty.)

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