Chapter Nineteen

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Songs for this chapter are:

This Love- Maroon 5

You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift


Brooke's POV

Justin took my hand and walked up to the podium at the front of the restaurant.

"Table for four either under McCann or Worsely." Justin raised his eyebrows at the waiter.

"Yes sir, Mr. Worsely is already sitting with his date. Jennifer! Come bring them to table five." The young boy smiled at us and Jennifer came happily bounding in.

"Good evening, I'm Jennifer." She smiled brightly and Justin rolled his eyes. I elbowed him in the ribs and he put on a fake smile.  "Follow me, please." She led us through the restaurant and I sucked in a breath when I saw Blake's dirty blonde hair. Justin reassuringly squeezed my hand and we sat down at the table. Blake and Jessica were sitting beside each other on one side as we slid in the opposite seat of the booth. Both of them looked up and Jessica smiled at me while Blake looked annoyed.

"Hey," Justin mumbled resting his hand on my knee.

"Hi!" Jessica said excitedly. I smiled back at her.

"So, Blake, let's get down to it." Justin have Blake a hard stare. He gulped before turning to me.

"Brooke, I'm sorry. The way I acted was wrong and I should respect you. The only reason I did-"

"There is no reason. It was stupid and disgusting!" Justin yelled, slamming his fist on the table. Many heads turned to look at our table and I ducked my head down.

"Justin, calm down." I whispered, placing a hand on his leg. Justin glanced down at my hand before sighing. He placed his hand over mine and looked up at Blake.

"I'm sorry, man it's just it was a scary experience for myself." Justin admitted. Blake brushed it off just as the waiter came to our table.

"Hello, I'm Jack and I'll be your server for the day." He made eye contact with me and smiled. Justin tensed and threw an arm around my shoulder. The waiter looked shocked at his sudden action but continued with his script.

"Can I start you off with drink?" He got out his notepad and pen.

"What beers do you got?" Justin asked.

"Alexander Keith's, Guinness, Yeuenling." Jack listed.

"I'll take a Keith's." Justin nodded at me.

"Um, I'll have the same." I smiled.

"Mm, my good girls gone bad." Justin teased in my ear, his lips moving down to my neck and planting a kiss. I pushed his face away and he laughed, kissing my cheek. Blake ordered another beer and Jessica ordered a sprite.

"So, how are you two getting along?" Justin asked. Blake's mouth twitched up into a smile. Jessica looked very uncomfortable but I looked past it.

"We're great." Blake brushed his lips over her forehead and she flinched.

Justin frowned, "Doesn't look so great to me."

Blake whispered something in Jessica's ear that I couldn't make out. She nodded and smiled at me.

"No, it's just I'm not used to PDA." She winked but I could tell it was forced. She leaned up at planted her lips on his cheek. Blake smiled, wrapping his arm around her. I looked up at Justin, but he was too busy glaring at Blake.

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