I fell in love with my gay bestfriend. Now i'm pregnant with his child! ch19

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I woke up tie up again like a hog. My head pounding.

“Oh good your awake.” I turned my head to a figure.

“Where am I?”

“Don’t worry we’re taking somewhere safe.” he laughed. The car started to be bumpy. I could tell we were driving on payment anymore. After a few minutes the car come to a halt. The back doors opened and I was dragged out. I tried fighting but it was no use. I was thrown into a hole.

“So do you have any last words?” It was dark out but I knew it was Austin who asked. I wasn’t going to let this ass watch me beg.

“Fine.” I heard a click. I took a deep breath and closed me eyes. I heard gun shots and something heavy landed on me. More gun fire and tire screeching. I heard foot steps approach me then stop. A bright light was shined on me and the heavy object was pushed off.



My phone was buzzing. I slammed my hand on the night stand trying to find my phone.

“Hello?” I said groggy. Someone was crying on the other end of the phone.

“Hello?” I repeated.

“Erick?” it was Abby. I quickly sat up.

“Abby whats wrong?”

“I need you to quietly check your house make sure no one is there that aren’t suppose to be.” he said through cries.

“What? Why?”


“Okay.” I got out of the bed and grabbed my baseball bat and checked out the house quietly. The coast was clear. I turned around and saw a figure I dropped my phone. I quickly swung the bat and the figure  ducked.

“Woo Erick it’s me.” my brother said. I could hear Abby yelling my name from my phone.

“Erick, Erick! Answer me!”

“I’m fine. I fine. Abby you need to tell me whats wrong.”

“Why are you walking around the house with a bat?” the lights flicked on and I turned to see my parents in there rob.

“What’s going on?”

“Abby everyone wake. What wrong?” I could hear her cry hard on the other side.


“No It’s her uncle. Erick may I speak to your father.”

“Um sure. Here dad.” I handed him the phone.

“Hello?” he walked into the next room. He was in there for a while. I paced back and fort in the living room. My mom and my brother sat on the sofa watching me pace. My dad finally came back.

“What happen? What’s wrong?”

“Tommy is in the hospital and Abby is leaving town.”

“Oh dear.” my mom said getting up.

“What happen? Are they both okay.”

“Apparently Abby dad Kidnapped Tommy wanting to know where Abby is.”

“Oh my. Is Tommy okay? I should call his parents.” My mom said leaving to the kitchen. My brother stayed sitting on the couch watching.

“Where is Abby going?”

“I don’t know he won’t tell me, but he told me to tell you not to bother trying to contact her.” I just stared at my father.


The officer Paul walked in with my uncle a couple of hours later.

“Where Tommy? Is he Okay? Oh God he’s not dead is he?” I stated to cry. Tommy can’t be dead.

“Abby honey. Tommy alive. He’s at the hospital getting treated for shock and a couple of bumps and buries.” I was so happy. I continued to cry but with a smile. Tommy was alive!

“Sweetie. I called your mom.” I looked at him in shock.

“I told her everything.”

“What!” I got up so fast and with enough force that my chair tip over and skidded across the floor.

“I told her.”

“Did she believe you?” I said in a small voice? He stayed quiet.

“Of course she didn’t. Know she’s going to hate me!”

“I told her about Tommy she agreed to sending you Aunt June.”

“For how long?”

“Until we catch him.”

“But that can be never.”

“Sweetie we will get him. I promise you that.” That was the last thing my uncle said to me. Paul took me back to my uncle place to grab my thing then to the airport.

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