Chapter 20: Day 5

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"Wake up" I hear Cato's voice "Clove wake up". Cato is now shaking me.

"What's going on?" I ask getting my stuff and putting it in a backpack.

"There's a fire and we need to leave. Now!" Marvel demands.

We run towards the stream and lake and arrive just in time.

After a while we hear Marvel say "Hey look fire girl wants to join us".

We all chase after he but she narrowly escapes up a tree. Cato tries to fallow her up as we cheer him on. But he falls when a branch breaks under his weight.

"Ohh I'll do it" Glimmer exclaims she gets a little farther than Cato but also falls. "I'll just shoot her" Glimmer says grabbing and arrow from her bag. She shoots and it misses Katniss, by about a foot.

"Why don't you throw a sword" Katniss yells, trying not to seem nervous.

"We could just camp out" Peeta says. We all turn our heads in surprise. "Well, she'll have to come down or starve to death. And if she comes down we get to kill her" he exclaims.

"Okay. We'll do it. Peeta start a fire. Marvel, Glimmer and Clover, you guys get the supplies and I'll keep watch over lover-boy" Cato agrees.

Marvel, Glimmer and I head out.

"I'll get the food" I say.

"I'll get the equipment" Glimmer says.

"So you watch and take guard. Okay?' I say to Marvel.

"Sure" he responds

We grab enough stuff for a day or 2 and put it in our back packs. We reset the mines and head back.

That night we have a 'dinner' of fruit and beef strips.

We all fall asleep at the base of the tree. Awaiting the thrill of Katniss' demise.

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