Chapter 54 - Preview

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For All Who've Been Rooting For Gemini And Tays Future... Here's A Preview For Chapter 54...

(Gemini's Pov)

As Tay Began Speaking To Tion. I Continued Easing Myself Into Tay. She Tried Hard Not To Moan Into The Phone. Biting Her Lip. But I Was Determined To Make That Impossible.

I Hit My Baby With A Deep, Deep Stroke. I Made Her Take All Of Me Causing Her To Moan Loud As Hell With A Back Arch And The Call Of My Name. I Found The Spot. That G-Spot. I Hit Her Spot Over And Over And Over Again.


(Tays Pov)

I Decided To Bounce Faster And Grind Harder. I Felt Him Swell Inside Of Me And I Felt My Climax Appraching But I Wasnt Done Yet.

I Hopped Off And Took Him In My Mouth. Once Again Not All Of Him But Most Of Him. I Began To Deep Throat Him. He Groaned Louder And I Looked Up To Him Covering His Face. As I Pleased His Dxxk With My Mouth My Hands Massaged The Rest.


I Mean It Aint Much But If Ya Like And Want To See What Happens And How It Began And How It Ends.

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