Chapter 19: Day 4

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A couple days later we wake at the crack of dawn and prepare our breakfast. It's a 'lovely' breakfast of canned fruit cocktails and bread.

"We should look for the water source that Peeta was talking about" Cato says.

"I can show you" Peeta states.

We walk a while, and arrive at a stream leading into a lake.

"Good job Peeta" I state running towards the water.

"Let's collect a lot and bring it back to camp" Marvel suggests.

"Okay. Every one fill you water canteens and drink as much as you need."  Cato states.

The rest of the day is pretty uneventful. No kills except for a deer.

"What should we do?" Glimmer asks.

"We should just relax. I guess. Right Cato?" I say.

"Sure, what-ever" Cato replies.

We wait around I play kill a lizard with a knife. Cato sticks one of his swords in the fire and the glowing tip must mesmerize him. Glimmer and Marvel fell asleep already so it's just Cato, me and the boy from 4. We later go to sleep in the Cornucopia all lined up in a strait row. I fall asleep next to but not snuggling with Cato.

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