86- He doesn't love me anymore does he

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Andy's POV

Scarlet walks in the lunchroom just looking down holding onto her books.

She gets to the table and just keeps looking down while the guys talk.

"Are you okay?" I ask.


"What's wrong?" Jake asks.

"It's nothing"

"Scarlet" Jake warns.

"It's nothing" she says writing in her book.

They continue to talk but I just look at Scarlet worrying.

Did someone hurt her?

She said the other day a kid has been messing with her, did he do anything?

Why won't she tell us?

"Child what's wrong? Seriously" Jinxx asks.

"Nothing is wrong people" She shrugs.

"I will murder you" Jake giggles

"It's just that kid" she shrugs.


We get home and sit on the couch and Scarlet's still just looking down.

"So can you tell us what has been up with you?" Ash asks.

"It's just that kid, I told you" she says.

"What did he do?" I ask.

"He just....he...he does normal annoying kid stuff. It doesn't matter"

"It's obviously bugging you, what is he doing?" I ask.

"First he started with just tripping me and crap like that and it didn't really bug me. Then he asked me out and I told him no so he has been teasing me with what happened with Zach...today he tried pulling down my skirt" she says looking down.

I can't even begin to express how pissed I am.

I'm pissed that he did that but more about the fact that she didn't tell me until now and that's only because we forced her.

Scarlet must have noticed that I was pissed and moved couches and sits next to Jake and Ash.

"Go ahead and yell" she sighs coverings her ears.

"He's not going to yell" Jake says sending me a death stare.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Jake asks wrapping his arm around her.

"Because I didn't think there was a reason to, I wish I didn't even tell" she says looking down.

"If someone messes with you, you have to tell us" I say and she nods looking down.

"I'm sorry" she whispers.

"Don't be child" Ash says kissing her head.


After a while the guys leave and Scarlet hasn't talked to me.

"Look I'm sorry for getting pissed" I apologize.

"It's fine" she says and hugs me.

"You okay?" she asks

"I'm fine baby" I say picking her up carrying her upstairs

"Why do you always carry me?" she giggles

"Because your so light and you don't need to walk when I can just simply carry you" I smile.

I sit her on the bed and she takes off her shirt finding another and it goes down to her thighs sliding off her pants trying to find a pair of shorts but I stop her by picking her up laying her back on the bed.

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