Chapter 17: Launch and the Start

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In the morning we are woken up by each of our team. I get up right away but Cato takes a while.

"Get dressed and call us back when you're done" Steph says ushering the others out. I quickly get changed and call them back in. They put my hair in a ponytail. And tease it into a poofy ponytail.

"Okay go eat your breakfast. I'll see you later" Steph says leaving the room..

I walk to Cato's room and he's about done. 

"Good morning Clover" he says.

"You and me both know it is not a good day." I state.

"It'll get better" he replies kissing me passionately for a pretty good amount of time. Together, we walk to the dining room and sit down next to each other.

"So, any questions before you go in the arena?" Enobaria asks.

"Yeah do any of you have grief about killing the other tributes?" I ask.

"Well yes, but I try not to think about it." Brutus responds.

"You seem weak if you regret, especially for tough Careers like you guys." Enobaria states with a smirk.

Once we finish our breakfast of ham and eggs with sides, we head for the arena. Peace-keepers lead us to the hovercraft. We sit down randomly and I am across from Cato, and next to the boy from 7 on the end,

"Arm, please" a woman in a silver-ish gray outfit demands. She yanks my arm and stuffs a large needle into it.

"What's this" I ask quickly.

"It's you tracker" she replies.

We arrive at our destination and each of us go to a separate launch room. There, I see Steph one last time.

"Hey girl" she practically yells.

"Oh my gosh, I thought I would never see you again" I say pulling her in a tight hug. She struggles to get free and mostly breathe so I release.

"This is your 30 second warning" an automated voice calls out.

"Well. Clove you'll do great I know you'll win" She says gesturing to the transport tube.

"I won't come back. Not without Cato" I respond and step into the tube. It closes and it's very tight. But it doesn't move. We must be early. After about 10 seconds I begin to move. When I reach the top my eyes dilate before I can see. I can see a thick forest on every end of us. the Cornucopia sitting proudly in the middle.

"60 seconds starting now" the automated voice calls.

I look around the Cornucopia and spot a fine pack of about 10 or 15 knives and a jacket to hold them all. 'That's what I'll go for'  I think. I look around the circle of tributes to see that Cato is 3 tributes away from me. Marvel is on the other side along with Glimmer.

"20 seconds" the voice calls out"


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