Chapter One: Henrietta

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On the night of July 6th, the moon glistened as the stars around it defined it with magnificence. Henrietta stared at the moon from the window just above the entrance to the chicken coop. There were no other chickens around so it was peaceful. Because of the loneliness, she soon fell asleep.

The night went by and soon, Henrietta woke up in the passenger seat of her owner's truck. It looked like it was around 10:00am. This made her nervous. She was supposed to lay eggs but no. The owner was taking her to the vet. She looked out the window to find that there were a bunch of trees. She couldn't see the ground because she's a chicken. She's short. What did you expect?

After a few hours of driving, Henrietta and her owner arrived at the vet. The owner got out of the car and walked over to the passenger side, opening the door and grabbing the cage handle that was on top of it. He took her inside the vet and headed to the desk after setting down the cage on a chair in the waiting area. Henrietta looked around at the other humans and animals that were also in the waiting room. There were two dogs, five cats, and three hamsters. The dogs made her nervous because it were as if they were about to attack the cats. Then again, her owner sat back down with her.

An hour of waiting passed by and Henrietta and her owner had been called so that she could be examined. She felt weak and powerless. Then again, she was a chicken. Anyways, she was carried to the room that they have been assigned to and the doctor there checked her heart rate and such, to make sure she was healthy. Instead, it was the complete opposite. Her legs were thicker than usual, and the doctor felt the liver more enlarged than it should be. The owner had said that her appetite was low as well. Saddening news was brought to them: Henrietta had chicken cancer.

"Hello darkness, my old friend."

There were no cure for the chicken cancer, therefore, Henrietta had to get transferred to a special chicken coop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Specific place, I know. After a few long days of travelling, she had arrived at the destination which would give her a new experience. 


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