~Requested~ Best Friends pt. 2

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Two days passed without Robbie contacting me. All throughout school I was chewing my pencils or looking at the clock or bouncing my leg, counting the minutes, even the seconds, that he didn't text me.

It was excitement and dread, the feeling where you just want it to happen and be over. I didn't want to admit I wanted him to call. But who am I kidding, I'm you. This is your brain, I can't lie to you.

My last period had just ended when my phone buzzed. I automatically jumped and dug at my pocket, checking, but it was only my mom.

Birthing Figure: don't ride the bus home today, you're getting a ride :)

I raised and eyebrow and answered quickly.

You: what? With who?

Just as I left for my locker, she answered.

Birthing Figure: you'll know.

Immediately my blood turned to ice.

You: No. Not him, mom. No.

I looked around nervously, as if he would somehow be in the halls. My hands were shaking so much I had to put in my locker combo three times.

Birthing Figure: Not who?

I glared at the screen. Curse my talent at keeping secrets. My mom didn't realize anything was wrong between Robbie and me.

I trudged out to the front of the school. As I passed the front doors I considered running to the bathrooms to hide.


I froze.

"(Y/N)!!" It came again, more urgently.

A few people around me were staring, and one even nodded in the direction behind me, looking at me like, hey, are you stupid? Over there!

With painful, snail-like slowness, I faced the voice that called my name. Robbie was waving me over to him and his car.

I took a few steps and stopped. I couldn't force myself to walk any farther. Robbie finished closing the distance between us and rubbed the back of his neck. "Hey."

"Hey yourself," I muttered, my attitude flaring up as a defense for how genuinely terrified I was.

Robbie's face fell at my comment, which hurt to see. I didn't want him to know that, however, so I continued.

"What do you want?"

"Look, (Y/N)," Robbie sighed, "the other day was a bad start. I really want to make it up to you." He gave me the puppy dog eyes look that I had fallen for ages ago. "Seriously, I'll do anything."

I crossed my arms and let a small mischievous smirk cross my lips. "Anything?"

Robbie chuckled. "There's the (Y/N) I know."

Knew, I thought, wanting to correct him. I didn't want him to be here when he had hurt me so badly, but everyone deserves a second chance. "Okay, fine," I said. "One chance to show me how sorry you are."

"How does ice cream sound?" He asked hopefully, opening the car door for me.

I pretended to ponder his question. "Hmm. Doable."


Wow. Hi.

So, in the past three months, my life has changed DRASTICALLY.

I got out of an abusive relationship, lost a best friend, and completely restarted everything in my life, so I'm kinda frazzled to da max right now.

This is probably the crappiest imagine I've ever written in my freaking life, but I wanted to put something out for you all, especially since there's suddenly SO MANY of you like what????? Okay?????

Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go read my other fanfics!! I'll be updating them more often than I update this and they are full stories.😊 I'll love you forever!

Thanks for all the love and support, you guys.

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