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❝Seven letters, seven confessions, seven clues.❞

Colton Crest was the Golden Boy of Hampton High. However, during May, he mysteriously disappeared and returned like nothing ever happened. Something went wrong during the months he was gone which forced him to live life on the run. But whatever he was trying to escape from, eventually caught up to him.

On the night before graduation, he was found in the local lake. Dead. And on the day of his funeral, his closest companion, Elliot Parker, finds a letter hidden in his jacket pocket; a letter that leads to six more until he's left with seven. Seven mind-boggling confessions about Colton. All written by his killer.

Genres + Rating

PG-13 May include explicit language
Mystery//Thriller, Teen Fiction


Titled 'Confidential'.


The following trailer was made by a lovely reader. Credit goes to @sweetrantipole for creating it. It's absolutely beautiful!

Author's Note

Comments and theories are highly encouraged. However, please keep them towards the second half of this novel once you have obtained more information. If you have potential spoilers in your comments, please warn other readers. Also, I didn't think this was necessary to add, but Elliot is a boy. A boy.

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