Chapter 19

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Ty's Pov

I was not looking forward to today's training. Sky said he was going to head out early and get a few things ready. I swear that guy doesn't know how to relax. I climbed out of bed and stretched. I had a feeling I was going to have to use my wings and tail today. I grabbed my sword and put it in the scabbard. It was actually really light for being made of emerald. Sky is going to have to teach me how to make it sometime.

I teleported to the training field. I didn't care for walking. Everyone was here. Sky looked at me and made sure I still had my sword. I could see under his glasses that his eyes were normal. Was this the real Sky or Skybrine?

"Okay listen up. Skybrine is taking a break. he says that I can't train anyone if my life depended on it. I'm here to prove him wrong." Sky said. "Today we are working on accuracy. You all get a bow and we're going to start off with a normal target then move to a moving target." He summoned a few bows.

I had my own. My mother had the blacksmiths make it for me. It was fully black with a purple bowstring.

I didn't notice but Sky had walked over. "You know that bow is worse than a normal one right?" He asked.

"It's not." I argued.

He grabbed it. "The string was worn before it was even put on the bow, the handle could snap if you grip it, and the woods would break if I drop it." He said. "You can use it but it's going to break."

I looked at the bow. I knew he was right. I put mine away and got a normal bow.

"For now you just have to get a clean target. Mitch you have to get all yellow." Sky said.

We all faced the targets and started shooting. I've used a bow before so I got a clean target easily.

"Good job but you have a problem gripping the bow." Sky said passing me.

Gripping the bow? I don't want it to fall out of my hands. I looked over at Mitch. His bow was just resting on his hands. He wasn't even really holding it. Did Sky want me to try that? I got a few more arrows and tried it. I did slightly better but it wasn't like we were actually going to be shooting targets.

"Stop." Sky commanded. "I told a few of you that you had a problem gripping the bow. Ty's the only one that figured it out. Mitch is a perfect example of not gripping the bow. We're moving onto more realistic." The targets turned into dummies. "Mitch, what are you supposed to aim for on a human target?"

"Vital organs?" Mitch guessed.

"Yes. If you hit someone in the arm or leg they can still fight. Hit them in the head or chest and they're done for." Sky said. "Show me where you would shoot."

I never imagined we would be shooting dummies. I raised, aimed, and fired. I hit the neck. Everyone seemed to do fairly well. The worse one of us did was the shoulder.

"We're going to skip ahead and move onto a moving target. This time ASF and Bajan are going to help. They are going to be moving targets. You have to hit them." Sky said. "They are allowed to attack you so you're going to have to be quick. Together they are a well oiled machine but separate there's not much they can do. They can hurt you physically so this is going to be a realistic life or death situation. You can use your other weapons too. Ready, FIGHT!"

Bajan and ASF appeared beside Sky. They smirked and raced toward us. ASF had an axe and Bajan had a sword. I quickly shot one at Bajan. He raised his sword and deflected the arrow. This was going to be really hard!

Sky's Pov

This is going to take a while. Ty used his wings to fly up to the air and try to snipe them. Bajan was a demon though so he had wings too. Bajan let his wings out and jumped in the air.

"I wonder if I can do that." Mitch awed.

ASF ran up to beside Mitch."Most likely you can." He said and he swung his sword at Mitch. Mitch used his bow to block it. After ASF swung his sword Mitch quickly grabbed an arrow and swung it at ASF. He was too slow though and the bacca went after someone else.

It went on like this for a while. Mitch had somehow disappeared from the battle. I knew he wasn't done with Bajan and ASF. Seto, Crystal, and Jerome were the only ones left. Seto was powerful and likes to use speed. Jerome was strong and seemed to like to use brute force. Crystal seemed to play this strategically, plan her attacks before she charges.

Jerome was suddenly hit into a tree by ASF and Seto was being pinned under his own weapon by Bajan. Crystal took a step back. "There's no escape so why not take a shot?" ASF questioned taking a step toward her.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Crystal smirked. She grabbed her necklace and ripped it off. She was finally showing her real colors. Her hair became a magenta color, her eyes darkened, her skin turned grey and almost scaly, and her tail and ender dragon wings shown. Her clothes changed to a black t-shirt, grey long pants, sneakers, and some red goggles on her for-head. She gave them a fanged smile before she charged at them. Her moves had gotten quicker and seemed to overwhelm ASF. She landed a hit on him and ASF disappeared.

"That's what I call power." Bajan said. Someone shot an arrow at him causing him to disappear and give Seto a break.

Mitch stepped out of the woods. "When did an ender get here?" He asked.

"It's me Crystal." She said.

"That's all the training we'll do for today. The others aren't hurt, just tired." I said. "Tomorrow we'll work on strategy."

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