Chapter 18

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Jerome's Pov

Sky had called us back for some reason. When we got there we saw Ty just relaxing and Mitch shooting a target with a weird bow. Sky was monitoring him. I saw Ssundee and his group come out of the forest.

Sky turned around. "As you can see Mitch has an unnatural bow." Sky said. "That's because it belonged to Bajan. I've found out that he does better with Bajan's bow than he does his own so I've made the decision to give you all new weapons." Sky said.

"What if we like our current weapons?" I asked.

"Then we'll do some tests and find out which one is better for battle." Sky said. "Ty."

Ty stood up and walked over. Sky summoned some kind of green sword. It had different symbols and marking carved into it. "What is this material?" Ty asked.

"Emerald." Sky answered.

"Impossible!" Ssundee freaked. "You can't make weapons with emerald."

"You just don't know how to." Sky said. "Jason." Jason walked over. Sky summoned a scythe. It seemed to have a dim glow. "Be careful with this. True equipped it with hidden abilities that not even I know about. Jerome."

I walked over. He summoned some kind of diamond axe. It looked like mine but with different symbols carefully carved into it. "Never mind I like this one."

"This is one of the sharpest items in the history of Minecraftia. It won't dull." He said. "Ssundee and Derp."

Ssundee walked over. Sky summoned a dagger. It seemed pretty normal. "You kept it!" He said. "I'm missed this."

"It's just a tiny dagger." Ty said.

Ssundee twisted the handle and it turned into a full on sword. "Are you sure about that?" He asked. "I can remember all the people I've killed with this."

"At least you remembered something." Sky muttered. "Seto." Seto stepped up. Sky summoned some kind of staff. "You already know what this is."

"You do know that the head elder of the Sorcerer Kingdom will kill anyone that has this staff right?" Seto asked.

"That's why I've never told anyone where it was." Sky replied. "SB and Crystal." They stepped up. Crystal got a see through sword and SB got a bow. "Now just try not to kill yourselves."

"Great speech." Mitch said slowly clapping. "It was so inspiring. I really want to-"

"Shut up. I could break that bow before you could say no." Sky interrupted. "Now we're not going to take the time to get used to the weapons. I have a friend that is going to help us. When she gets here she will not take time to chat. We'll start away. Right, NOW!"

We all held up our weapons. I turned behind me to almost get knocked down. I was lucky whoever it was didn't hit me in the face. They quickly moved onto Mitch. They took advantage of him not being ready. Mitch ducked and the person jumped over them and landed beside Sky. "These guys are slow." It took me a second to focus and who it was. It was that Timber girl from the Aeither. "Okay listen up people. I'm going to run around. You have to hit me with one of your weapons. You don't get a break till you do. You'll get tired. I won't. Now hit me with your best shot!" She disappeared again.


We've been doing this for like an hour. I was super tired, Seto hasn't done anything this whole time, Ty looks like he's on the brink of death. What was Sky's goal here?

Timber finally stopped for a second. Seto shot a spell at her and it hit her in the shoulder. She didn't seem surprised. "I'm going home. One of the others will be here tomorrow to work on accuracy." Timber disappeared and this time she didn't come back.

"Why didn't you do that earlier?" Mitch yelled at Seto.

"I've already been trained on speed." Seto said. "You on the other hand are as slow as sloths."

"That was a speed exercise." Sky said. "Swinging your weapons around as fast as you can doesn't count as speed. The only one that even came close to hitting her was Crystal."

"This sword is really light." Crystal said.

"The blade is made of obsidian infused glass while the handle is made of the Twilight Forest's enchanted trees." Sky said.

"Everything was really complicated back then wasn't it?" I asked.

"Our weapons didn't break after so many hits." Sky said. "That's it for today. Let's go back to the hotel."

Skybrine's Pov

When we got to the hotel I immediately sat down. I was pushing my limits on staying in control of Adam's body but I know Adam can't train them if his life depended on it. 'Just take a break.'

'No. If you can not train them then who is. I can do this.'

'I can train them.'

'Remember your first group of soldiers? The one that was kill first because they didn't know anything.'

'A lot has changed since then. Just let me try.'

'Fine but I do not want a bunch of softies that could now swing a sword if their life depended on it.'


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