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No where. We had no where to go. The Governor and his group of crazy people had destroyed the prison, leaving our group no where to go and split into many pieces. My dad was the only person I had now, and I could think of only one place to go. That bowling ally in Atlanta. Yeah, it was a long shot, seeing as they probably won't let us stay with them, but at least it was a plan. I had to help my dad with the walk, and it would take a while to get there, as shambled as we were. My dad and I walked toward Atlanta, keeping a slow pace since he had to lean on me to walk. I used the gun slung on my hip to mow down any walkers we ran into, which wasn't many.

Suddenly, I felt all of my father's weight collapse onto me. He had passed out. I laid him down on the ground and tapped his face a few time. "Dad? Can you hear me? Dad!" I yelled. I looked around and saw a house or two just out of the tree line.

I carried/dragged my dad into one of the houses and checked it for walkers. After finding only one in the basement, and disposing of it, I laid my dad on one of the beds that happened to be on the first floor and went to the sink. The water wasn't running, so I then check the toilet back that happened to be in the bathroom and there was some water. I ran to the kitchen to collect a cup and then went back to the bathroom to fill the cup with water. Since the water in the back of the toilet isn't used, it should be clean enough to just to splash on my dad's face to help wake him up.

Brooke's POV:

I woke up the next morning, feeling slightly better. I wondered what horrors today would hold. I walked up to the main floor to see Will already up and being bossed around. It was about eight A.M. and the guys already wanted beer. It made me wonder if alcohol is the only way they can live in this world.

On one run of me shuttling beer, Ben stopped me. "Oh, sssome men ssshowed up yesterddday lookin' for you." He said, his words slightly slurred. "They had a kid with them."

I froze. Knowing exactly who they were talking about, memories started flooding into my head. His face flashed into my mind, I shook my head to get rid of the thought.

I turned to Will and asked "Is that true?"

He stared at me for a minute then said "No, no. He's drunk. Listen to him, slurring his speech and all."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

Will sighed and said "Have I ever lied to you?"

This was true. He had never lied to me before. He didn't really have a reason to anyway. I brushed off the thought, repressed the memories again, and went back to get another case for Ben and his group.

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