Chapter 18

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[And as my heart called your name out, I still lack a voice.]


"Hyung, can we go and see the fireworks display?" Hoseok's soft voice asked, his arms rested upon the balcony railing. The night was quite chilly, making Hoseok shiver. His eyes saw the imagery of the city before him, but his mind flashed a picture of Tae Bin.

"Of course, we can." Tae Bin replied back, the tone of his voice showed clear elevation in his mood. It was obvious that Tae Bin was happy by the question. His phone continued to relay the message of Tae Bin, "Is everyone else okay? There was a lot of drama going on the last time they visited the restaurant."

"Yeah, everyone's fine. You is hard, drama is a necessity when it comes to love."

"Love?" Tae Bin asked.  

"Yeah, love." Hoseok smiled, his lips grew apart and his teeth were shown. His eyes moved around, looking at the far away streetlights that glistened brightly in the dark city.

Tae Bin frowned, "I don't understand. Who loves whom?"

Hoseok chuckled, "Well, there is our main couple with the most drama: Jungkook and Jimin. Then, there is the tall couple, Namjoon and Jin hyung. And lastly, Yoongi and Taehyung, the oblivious couple."

The older one chuckled, making Hoseok's heart race. Hoseok pressed the phone closer to his ear, and clenched his other hand. Even though Tae Bin was laughing through an electronic device, his laugh was just as genuine and heartwarming as in real life.

"And what about you?" Tae Bin asked, biting his lip. He hoped for an answer that would make his heart flutter. He hoped for an answer that would make his smile wider. He hoped for an answer that would occupy his mind the whole night.

"My love?" Hoseok asked, wanting to confirm the question. Tae Bin hummed, making the younger one fall back silently. Hoseok couldn't confess his love for the other one through a phone call, that would be stupid.

"For me...I have you, that's enough. I don't need anyone else." Hoseok replied to the question, in a vague manner. The answer didn't show if he liked Tae Bin in a romantic manner or not.

Yet, Tae Bin was satisfied. He didn't need some unbelievably cheesy dialogue. For him, those stupid and unclear words were enough.

Tae Bin smiled widely, even though Hoseok could not see it, "I am glad that I have you." Making Hoseok squeal inside, bite his lip and dance a little.

Their phone conversation ended with 'Be ready for the fireworks tomorrow.' And if they were to be very honest, they both would've agreed immediately that they weren't going to sleep that night at all.

They were going to stay up all night and think of each other, they were going to twist  and turn in the bed and think of each other. They were going to dream of tomorrow, they were going to dream of themselves; together.

And that's why people say: Love is nothing without a little drama.

You need to be dramatic and stay up all night, you need to squeal over your pictures that were taken together, you need to write cheesy letter under a dimly lit lamp, you need to take a long jog to clear your mind that was intoxicated by them, you need to give each other the small presents that would be with you forever and always.

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