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Chapter Thirty

long ass chapter
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Two days had passed but still I haven't got over that moment between us and Ten. I felt so embarrassed of myself whenever I remember it. I blame my teenage hormones. Grr.

On the other hand, Ten Chittaphon was absolutely keeping his cool like nothing happened. How could he do that? Ugh! I wish I could do the same. Is this the kind of punishment he was thinking of?

If it was, then IT IS REALLY WORKING.

Just then, my phone vibrated.

TEN 987654321 💘💖:
meet me at the back of the gym
i got great news for u
[read 9:20 am]

We have been meeting privately at school. Sometimes we would stay at the rooftop during lunch, or at the back of the gym at times. Ten and I wanted to be sure that Seulgi's minions won't be able to bother us.

He said that he has been working hard to do whatever it takes to finally get Kang Seulgi out of our lives. Ten wasn't really telling me what he does specifically, but I trust him, so I don't ask him about it anymore.

"What's the good news? Do you have any new coupons? Are you giving me a new book? Are you buying me Seohyun sunbaenim's album? Are you bringing Jun and Vernon sunbaenim here? Tell me!" I said as soon as I got near him.

He scowled at me. "No! I don't have any of those. Wait, what do you mean by am I bringing Jun and Vernon here? Don't tell me..."

"Yes! They're my biases! Well, at least for now. You know how easily I change my bias." I sat beside him eagerly and stuck my tongue out playfully.

His face screams jealous, which I find funny. He looks like a child. So cute! (But he could change into a manly man in a millisecond so I need to be cautious at all times.)

"Ellie has got you the fangirl virus. I thought Winwin and Jaehyun were my only rivals. Never have I known that fictional characters and boy group members are my greatest enemies. Great, just great."

I laughed. He even rolled his eyes at me. I clung onto his arm and rested my head on his shoulder.


His voice suddenly got lower, unlike before. "I'm sorry, but what did you say?" He raised an eyebrow and faced me.

I forgot again.

Aside from that awkward situation from two days ago was that mistake that I made the same day. The last text I sent him was that from that day, I'd call him "hubby".

It turns out he had already read that text, and the day after that, he always kept on bothering me to call him "hubby" (eeek), even when I refused to do it at first.

"I saw your text last night." He said while munching on a piece of bread.

We're in the rooftop of our buliding. We locked the exit in case someone might barge in and see us. (Not to mention Seulgi's slaves.)

I couldn't look at him straight. I still haven't slept properly because of what happened! Argh!

"R-really? W-which one? I already forgot what I've texted you." I laughed nervously, unable to meet his gaze.

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