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The last Ellie x Two J's special chapter! I cri T^T This is going to be a lot longer than the other chaps. WARNING: EXTREME DRAMA AHEAD


The last straw

19th August 2014

"Thank you so much for this day, babe. This is one of the best birthdays ever." I tiptoed to reach his cheek, planting a kiss on it.

My face reddened as he stared at me after I kissed him.


I hid my face on his back, just a little bit beside his armpit. Honestly, his underarm smells good. I think he has better armpit smell than me. Jeez.

"Nothing. I just wondered that I have been so blessed to have someone named Ellie Hwang in my life."

I rolled my eyes at his cheesiness, but nevertheless, he never failed to make my heart flutter.

"That's right, you should think of how valuable I am and what would you be if you lose me. I'm the only Ellie Hwang in the world, you know?" I laughed.

"Understood, princess. Now where would you want to go next?" He asked.

I somehow wanted to go home to keep this stuffed toy in my bedroom, along with these medals so I won't be worried to much to lose them.

I'm afraid that maybe I'd drop them or lose them while walking in a public place or so.

But I don't want to ruin this day for us, so I smiled and said, "Let's just stop and rest over at the park?"

The park was a bit close to our house. Winter and I love to go there, usually taking strolls or jog early in the morning when we have the time to.

It has actually become a part of our lives.

"Sure. We can grab something to bite on there. Let me carry these for you." He grabbed my bag and one of the Huskies, which made me smile. A gentleman as always.

We settled in one of the benches when we got into the park. The huskies were laid beside me. The medals were safe in my bag.

Johnny's right arm was wrapped around me. I played with the loose threads on his ripped jeans.

"Do you think we'd last long, Johnny?" I asked him. He kissed the top of my head and his lips stayed there for a while.

"Of course, baby. Why'd you suddenly thought of that?"

"Nothing." I mumbled.

But the truth is, I overheard someone talking at school... saying that me and Johnny wouldn't last long 'cause Johnny's just using me.

I don't get what they say. I'm not believing them either.

"Ellie, look at me." He grabbed both of my shoulders and pulled me to look his way. He grabbed my chin so that I was exactly staring at him. "I would do anything to make you happy. I may not be a perfect guy, but I swear... I'd do anything to protect you. I love you so much, Elle. More than you know."

I smiled and nodded. Johnny has never done anything for me to lose faith in him. He has always been such a wonderful boyfriend. There's no way he would do something to disappoint me.

"I love you too, Johnny. But you see... there's an ice cream truck there. I'm craving for it. Wait for me here." I kissed his cheek once more then I sprinted towards the truck, giggling.

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