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"yoongi look!"

her words were filled with enthusiasm as she dragged him towards the aisle where there were many books being displayed.

yoongi had a wide smile painted on his face even though he was reluctantly being dragged. he loved seeing her girlfriend being enthusiastic, because he just finds her the most beautiful when she's happy.

"cinderella, snow white, beauty and the beast— oh my gosh, i absolutely love this bookstore right now!" she let go of yoongi, and fancied over the fairytale books in front of her.

"fairytale again, right?" yoongi questioned, even though he knew the answer. she nodded her head excitedly as she flipped through the books.

her smile gets wider and wider each time she flips to another page, and yoongi couldn't help but to have a lopsided grin on his face, while admiring his cute girlfriend.

they were sitting down on the floor right now, with all different fairytale books spreading all over the floor as she decided which book she should go with first.

"yoongi," she called out her boyfriend who was playing with her hair, and he hummed in response.

"which book should i read first?" she asked, and sighed again. yoongi finds it cute that she was getting frustrated over small things.

"why not snow white?" he suggested as he picked up the said book and handed it to her. she bobbed her head eagerly and yoongi beamed from ear to ear.

they opened the book together to the first page as yoongi read the words out loud to his girlfriend, who was silently listening to his sweet and soothing voice.

"once upon a time...."


yes its me again & another short story !! i hope you'll enjoy this (--:

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