Chapter 1

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    Rosé came running up to me with excitement and eagerness buried in her face, that I knew would be revealed in the next two seconds.
    She took a deep breath. One. Two. Anddd—


    Without any reaction to her statement, I quickly lead her in to the nearest classroom. Since it was break time, most the kids were out in the courtyard or the hallways.

"You want some water" I asked Rosé, taking a seat next to her as I let out a chuckle.

"Are you really deaf, or are you really deaf, Jennie didn't you hear what I said." Her tone seemed very straightforward.

"And?" I respond calmly

"You obviously didn't hear, Kim-Tae-Hyung is coming back after two years. You remember right?! WAIT. HOW CAN ANYONE FORGET. I mean he was the most known kid in school and he was so—.

"and his return concerns because..." I interrupt her.

"Oh c'mon it concerns everyone and I mean everyone, Taehyung was like the center of attention everyday just a few years ago, I doubt that'll change."

I can't believe I'm saying this but yea I doubt too. But I want it to change. Two years without him has been a peaceful year. Everyone minding their own business. You would actually run into girls talking about useful stuff besides him.

Now I guess our peace will be disrupted because of some useful jerk.


Someone please kill me.

"Wait, who told you this anyway" I question her out of curiosity.

"Oh uh, Chanyeol told me this morning while coming to school"

Oh. Right.

Chanyeol was Rosé boyfriend. They have been dating since freshman year. Funny how I'm surprised they lasted since Chanyeol was one of those "I date a different girl everyday" type in middle school. But he somewhat changed when he began dating Rosé.

And it all gets worse because Chanyeol and Taehyung are like closer to each other than they are with their own parents. They have this unbreakable relationship that I feel like would last till they die. Oh and then they also had...

Lee Taeyong.......

Crap I can feel my face blushing the moment I began to think about him. Ahhh


Although Taeyong is a part of the unbreakable trio also, he is very different. He more of a gentleman and less of a jerk. Ehh he may have his flirty moments with girls, but that only makes my heart flutter. His beautifully structured face and his charming body. The way his pants perfectly fit his legs and the way his blouse shapes his upper body. He leaves me speechless.

Ok. By now I guess you guys might have figured it out. I may have a tiny crush thingy on Taeyong.

Just, why does he have be friends with Taehyung?

We leave the empty classroom and head over to  the locker rooms to change for physical education. Conveniently Rosé, Chanyeol,  Taeyong and me, all had the same PE class. Even though we were in the same class I have been avoiding any sort of eye content. I know that Ill make a fool out of myself if I ever did talk to him, which explain why we have never interacted for the past 4 months. Only 5 more months to go. I can do this.

I change into a pair of legging and a gray t-shirt. We head over to the gym and as we enter Mr. Johnson begins explaining what we'll be doing for the day. Sadly today was running the track.

Rosé and I look at each other rolling our eyes. Listen guys I'm not saying I hate running because I'm to lazy to run, but I hate running because I'm to lazy to run.


Overall the day went by quick. I was now getting ready to leave when Rosé called me and asked if I needed a ride home. Technically it would be Chanyeol driving both of us home. But I just wanted some fresh air today so I decide to walk.

I enter the community gate and pass Taehyung's house going down the hill to mine. Yup, unfortunately Taehyung and me lived in the same neighborhood, although I live like 5 houses down, both our parents work in the business industry so we pretty much live in a decent neighborhood you can call.

I enter my house as the fresh smell of rice, chicken and cake filled up my nose. My mom was usually busy in her office around these hours, what has gotten into her today?

"Hey mom, how'd you know I was this hungry" I let out a laugh in between.

She smiles, "Taehyung is returning today from Korea, I wanted to invite his family over to have dinner."

"Mom you what?!?" I sounded like someone just told me I'd die tomorrow.

"What's the matter honey" she asked in a confused tone.

I glance a quick fake smile, "I mean was it necessary, like maybe he was going to spend his day back with his family."

"Mrs. Kim said she was perfectly fine coming over"

"Alright well, I going upstairs"

I rush upstairs and into my room. I had to find a way to leave the house and not attend that dinner because if I did I know I wouldn't be able to survive it. I change into a pair of black jeans and a gray sweater, I rush down stairs trying to come up with an excuse.

The dinner table was already set as I approached my mom.


*ding dong*

Crap. Why so early though?

I curse underneath my breath as I lead myself behind my mom. The moment she opened the door, Taehyung made a clear appearance through the door.

I mean wow.

Like how can he not.

He sure did turn hot—

Wait. I can't be saying these.

His face made it a little obvious that he was forced. That's alright because I didn't want him here in the first place.

As his family makes their way inside I glance over at Eunji, Taehyung's little sister holding his right hand. The moment she sees me she lets go of his hand and quickly attacks me.

I giggle a little and hug her back. Aww she was such a cutie. Although she was 10 she literally had the mindset of a 20 year old I'm not even joking.

I glimpse a look at Taehyung and he seemed to be bothered by this. He seems like he wants to leave. Not surprised, he hasn't change. The same old Taehyung is back.

All throughout middle school and freshman year, he has been known as the player. Most arrogant, most ignorant person you will ever meet.

Oh yeah, and he has this extreme ego he carries with him all the time. How useless because he is still the same jerk I saw two years ago.

And that was chapter one!

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