The air was wintery and chilly. It was in the middle of Winter and people got out and spun around and played around in the snow. Ice skating and building snowman, everything that people do in the snow. Two kids were playing around in the snow, away from the other people.

"Lloyd! Come on!" (Y/n) seemed to be cheerful about the snow. After all, it was Winter to play in. Lloyd was catching up to her, his breath seeable with the chilliness in the air. Lloyd's golden and silver scarf swayed in the distance as he was catching up to (y/n).

"Slow down, we're really faraway from the people down on the mountain!" Lloyd said smiling. (Y/n) turned around to see Lloyd catching up to her as he panted and put his hand on his knees, catching his breath. (Y/n) and Lloyd turned around to see a beautiful wonderland. There was a clearing that was softly coated with fresh snow. The trees circled the clearing and a lake with frozen water, in the center of the winter wonderland. She giggled at it as Lloyd stared at it in amazement. Lloyd took a step toward the lake in the middle of the clearing. His breath hitched went he carefully and hesitantly placed his foot on the lake. He found out it was solid and able to hold up under his weight and didn't crack at the slightest bit underneath him. He turned around and saw (Y/n) sitting on a rock looking in the distance, her hair swaying in the breeze. He blushed and looked at the ground and clenched his fists. He never felt like this around anyone before. He wondered what's happening to him and immediately turned hot even though the atmosphere around him was chilly. He took a deep breath and exhaled, sending his chilly breath seeable because of the cold. He started to walk toward (Y/n), but immediately froze up, and it was not because of the cold. He scratched the back of his head and his heart quickened his pace. He never felt like this, and he didn't like it. He went ignored the feeling and continued going toward (Y/n) who didn't notice. (Y/n) heard his footprints and turned around to see him smile and extended his hand for her to take it. She happily took it as they ran around the clearing in the snow, seeing beautiful snowflakes, each different and unique. They each looked at the snowflakes as (Y/n) had her arms wrapped around Lloyd's arm as he used his free one to point at snowflakes.

"Look at that one (Y/n)! It's a golden and silver one!" Lloyd shouted as the snowflake was drifting, and not breaking. Lloyd was right. The snowflake was delicate and consists of a heart shape in the middle, half gold and half silver. The white surrounded it making it more beautiful than it already is.

"It looks heart shaped too," (Y/n) said as she smiled. Lloyd looked at (Y/n) and smiled as she smiled back up, tilting her head to look at him. Lloyd touched his forehead with hers as they were surrounded by snowflakes everywhere. The trees bristled as if the whole world was only them too. Lloyd wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him, having her delicate hands on Lloyd's chest.

"I'm glad you're my friend, Lloyd," (Y/n) said, her forehead still touching his and looked deep into his eyes. Lloyd chuckled, leaned down to her ear and said softly. It was really quiet, but she could make it out clearly.

"Me too,"


Another tear left her eye and into the ocean below. She wiped her eye and headed back inside. She didn't realize that when the tear left her eye and fell in the ocean, the place where the tear touched turned silver in the ocean, making a silver and streaks of yellow spot in the ocean like the full moon reflecting in the ocean. The waves swayed back and fourth making the silver and light yellow spot caused by her tears more radiant than it should be in the daytime. She wiped her eyes and trudged into the bounty, forgetting all about Lloyd and noticing that the bounty was dead quiet, with only a few murmurs and whispers in Sensei's room. She opened the door and saw Sensei's room where the ninja stared at her to see who entered the door. She hesitantly walked toward and became part of the group as Sensei packing up. She was confused on why his actions include packing in a suitcase. He opened the drawer and took out the silver and golden medallion, inspecting it. The gold part was shining dull, and the silver, somehow, was shining, then going back to dull before putting it in the suitcase.

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