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   “Mommy, I want to wear these socks.” Jake whined as he held up the frog-like socks.

“Ok, try to put the socks on. Mommy’s a little busy” I said as I zipped up my daughter, Annie’s jacket. She was just one year younger than Jake. These two kids were my children. They could be a pain in the neck, but I loved them with my life.

Once I finished with Annie, I told her to sit still. She loved to run off in the house and cause damage and destruction everywhere. Turning, I faced Jake finding the socks stuck on his hand. He looked at it in confusion and I laughed before taking them off of his hands and putting them on his feet. “Ok, Annie don’t forget your hat.” I called, standing up and straightening out the wrinkles on my clothes. We were going to Zach’s parent’s house for a Christmas Dinner. Zach’s whole family was going to be there, including mine. My mom and Ethan’s family were all probably on their ways there right now.

Turning around, I didn’t find Annie sitting there. Jake smiled mischievously when I looked at him. I swear, Annie and Jake were partners in crime.

Just then, I heard a loud bang in the kitchen. I quickly ran to it, finding flour all over the floor. It covered Anna’s whole body except her eyes. “Oops.” She said with a finger on her mouth.

“Annie Edkins!” I screamed in anger. I glared at her before stomping towards her and started to pat as much flour as I could off of her. Annie focused on Jake who was behind me. I mumbled words as I was patting the flour off her.

The door clicked, and right when Zach stepped in Jake ran to his dad.

Zach grinned as he knelt down on his feet so he was at the same height of Jake. “How’s my little boy?” he said as he embraced Jake, throwing him up in the air before catching him. “Good! When are we going to Grandma’s house?” he asked, clearly excited as he jumped up and down.

“I don’t know, when are we going to Grandma’s house?” Zach said, standing up. His eyes showed pure love and instantly my anger was washed away. Annie ran out of my grasp and jumped into Zach’s arms once again. “And how’s my little princess?” he said all the while tickling her. Annie laughed and once they were done, I went towards Zach and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Little Miss Annie over there spilt flour all over her, so I need to get her cleaned first.” I said teasingly as I looked down at Annie.

Zach tried to keep a stern expression at Annie but then cracked a smile. “I’ll get her washed up, you relax.” He told me.

I smiled at him and gave him another quick kiss on the lips. “Thank you. And don’t forget to get yourself dressed either! We’re going to your mom’s house tonight.” I told him as he headed up the stairs.

“I won’t forget.” He called before I collapsed on the couch and closed my eyes, resting as the sound of the TV played in the background.


I was in a light sleep now and heard the shuffling steps of someone coming down the stairs. I smiled before opening my eyes. Annie was dressed in a red little dressed.

 She wore white tights and a black undershirt. Her hair was held back with a red ribbon. Zachary came right behind her in a Christmas sweater. “We’re ready.”  Zach announced.

“Weady!” Annie said, mimicking Zach’s tone. I laughed at that. Jake jumped off from the couch and ran to put his shoes on. I rubbed my eyes before reaching for my long brown coat.

“You cleaned her up good.” I told Zach, but he just flashed a grin at me before walking out the door, Annie and Jake holding his hand. I shut the TV and lights off before I grabbed a scarf and wrapped it around my neck.

I glanced around the house once more, smiling from happiness before closing the door.


I tucked Annie into bed as Zach tucked Jake into bed. We gave them both a good night’s kiss before tip toeing out of the room.

Once we got out, Zach slipped his arms around my waist from behind. I laughed at him before resting my head on his chest.

“We never get alone time anymore…” I exclaimed, sighing.

Zach agreed as he pressed soft kisses on my neck. He pulled away slowly. “Well we’re alone now…” he pointed out, his eyes glistening with mischief.

My lips tugged into a small smile. “Did you do the dishes?” I asked, making sure we were done with the chores so we could have some fun.

“Clean and put away.” He said, his smile growing.

“The trash?” I asked him, turning around now. Our faces were centimeters away from each other now. I could feel his hot breath against my face, making me feel tingly and alive.

“Already done.” He said his voice husky. He leaned in before crushing his lips to mine. The kiss was hungry and wanting, and so was mine.

I tangled my hands in his dark brown hair and Zach sighed, deepening the kiss.

I don’t know how long we kissed, but it felt like eternity and it felt like a few seconds.

Zach quickly held my weight now, and I wrapped my legs around waist. We both pulled away, gasping for air. I rested my forehead on his, catching my breath. Once our breathing was back to normal, Zach grinned before once again kissed me fully on the lips. Sparks fled through my whole body, making me feel amazing.

He walked towards our bedroom door slowly, fiddling with the door knob before finally opening it.

He kicked it shut with his foot.

That was the last thing you could see from outside the door.

Things were about to get real fun.


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