Fiction Awards 2016 Contest

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The Fiction Awards 2016 contest is now closed and you guys did it! You managed to reach the highest number of votes in all 4 categories where Aethernea and me have been nominated! That's so friggin amazing!!

Now, a bunch of people might be wondering right now: how come an author with 1k followers managed to get more votes than one with 100k followers??

I'll tell you why - that's because my readers are the most wonderful readers in all of Wattpad! <3 <3

It brings tears to my eyes how passionate you guys are about Aethernea. During the course of these few months that I've been releasing Aethernea, you have been the highlight of my day. I literally keep refreshing my notification panel every few minutes each time I release a new chapter, giggling like a little girl waiting for her Christmas presents, expecting your funny and wonderful reactions.

You guys are my favorite drug, constantly keeping me high, and never wanting to stop writing. :)

So thank you, thank you so very very very much!

I especially want to thank sedruum, AlexMLion, Annie9010, BlackWhiteD, destinygomez25, Kiri16Rojas, joetxwatts, Bronzeapollo, asteorin, Rionyx, Nerdygirl719, HDLinx, aandrewwc, Eiryalle, Shelima-Baldur, peacelovecats, pippapun, QuillbeNimble, StarlightFlames, ismahanie, Dragonfly205, zolen_delocus, -Genos-, HamzaBendani, TyTy00014, dragophoenix96, lyoncbe, JandiiArlotte, Magical-Fantasy, Natjkint, iamthefunny, bookwormjup, salmitaamin, Yukikami-sama, NicholeMojello, Lizzie41701, Jetjacky, moonbright667, orientkiler for their efforts in this contest. You guys rock! <3

>>> Special Event Awards <<<

Bonus Chapters

We might have the highest number of votes in all 4 categories, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we won all 4 categories. We'll have to wait for the results of the contest to find out who won what, after which, if we did win stuff, the appropriate number of bonus chapters is going to be released.

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