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I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to expect at this point.

You see, about three weeks ago I auditioned for a new Kpop group which was under the name of Bighit Entertainment. They explained the group as both a mix of boys and girls, something I'm not necessarily interested in.

My dream is to be in an idol girl group...

But despite my dream I auditioned for the soul purpose of getting practice in.

I wasn't actually expecting to make the cut.

Which is why I'm currently standing in the waiting room of Bighit's office, awaiting to meet the the other members. What if none of us get along? Or what if I'm not even happy in this group?

I hope I won't regret agreeing to become a trainee.

My eyes scan the room over, studying each and every corner as if my life depends on it. I'm only fourteen years old, but am my own guardian since I got emancipated early this year. My parents were pretty useless in my youth, they were never around nor did they even care about me.

So I took matters into my own hands and sought out my passion for music.

A boy sat across from me stares down at his phone, nervously shaking his leg. He looks to be about my age, possibly older but I can't tell for sure. I wonder if he's here for the same reason as I am.

Suddenly we make eye contact, him throwing me a smile which makes his eyes squint adorably. I slowly grin back, looking at my hands in order to avoid awkward tension. Too bad I don't have a phone to distract me... I can't even afford one.

"Choi Raejae and Park Jimin?"

I lift my head to see a man holding a door open to what I'm assuming to be his office. He nods to both me and the boy across for us to come inside.

Jimin and I make our way into his office, sitting down at two chairs across from his desk. To be completely honest, this set up is a bit nerve racking... usually I'm pretty good with handling anxiety and stress but this outcome determines what I will do for years to come.

"I'm Song Hobeom, It's nice to meet you," He smiles, bowing his head in the slightest.

"Nice to meet you too," Jimin and I say in sync, basically making a 90 degree angle with our bows.

"Congratulations on becoming a trainee of Bighit Entertainment. Both of you I see are going to hopefully be apart of our new boy and girl group in the future," he says, reading off a clipboard, "I've already met with the others who have been coming in periodically. You two are the final members,"

"Thank you," Jimin bows again.

"I'm going to wait until I get all eight members together before I start discussing the big things... we have yet to come up with a name for the group yet, but have a few ideas in mind. Also, both of you are under age so we will need your legal guardians to come and sign a few papers..."

I remain silent, not wanting Jimin to question my past if I were to mention the fact that I don't have parents.

"For now I will hand you two a key to your dorms," He gives both Jimin and I a key, "The girls dorm is right across from the boys dorm. Here's the address and I'll see you tomorrow morning with the others,"

I nod to my new manager, bowing before making my way out into the hallway. The address seems to be just down the street, not far at all.

"Hey! Raejae wait up,"

I turn to see Jimin jogging up beside me, "It is Raejae.. right?"

I smile at his sudden shyness, "Yes,"

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