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Gaia McFee sees herself as something of a domestic goddess.

The dedicated mother to a toddler, a baby, and her teenage stepdaughter, she would do anything for her family, and she often does. Ever since getting married three years ago, her husband Evan has been her partner in crime: they share everything, including their brainchild, Coofee: the cafe they own and run.

Gaia thrives as a baker extraordinaire in the kitchen and a friendly face behind the counter, serving with a smile alongside her husband, and she couldn't be happier doing what she does. She is where she always wanted to be, and she has mastered the art of balancing work and home with a child on each hip. Life is a piece of cake.

That is, until an accident puts Evan out of action for a while. Already short staffed as the summer rush begins, Gaia has no choice other than finding a replacement. But when she hires Max Robinson, she has no idea what she is getting herself into.

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i'm really excited to write this and explore this side of gaia as the protagonist in her own story and to introduce and develop some future characters too. this story is set in summer 2027. i hope you like the sound of this! i know some of you were expecting my next book to be closing night - I still intend to post that, it has just been postponed until POC is finished

also I'm sorry for the dumb name of gaia's coffee shop but if you understand why it's called that then you get me and I love you

this is dedicated to Emma winx1348 for being so kind and encouraging me with this story!

this is dedicated to Emma winx1348 for being so kind and encouraging me with this story!

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