" Porridge." I said to him as I watched him lick his own.

"How you doing, Babe?" He asked in a whisper as he leaned in for another sneaky kiss which I allowed.

" Oh damn. He's taken." I heard Bella whine with Jess softly laughing in the back ground.

"He would have been too old for you anyway kid." Jess went on to say as she leaned back against the sink and watched the kissing display that Reid and I were putting on at the moment.

" What brings you here today, Reid?" I heard Jess ask him as his lips left mine.

I just looked up into his eyes as he braced himself with one hand on the back of my chair and the other on the table in front of me.

" Yeah, Reid. What brings you here?" I asked him in a cranky voice along with a glare which just had him smiling at me.

"I thought to take my girl out on a date for lunch into town." He was saying to me with a cheeky smile.

"Oh, that is so nice of you. I accept. When can we go?" I heard Bella butt in to say as Reid was still leaning in to look at me.

But twisting his head around to look at Bella was somewhat amusing to see as well with the annoying look on his face.

"Not you, Brat. My woman. I was asking her. Not you." He said with an annoying look on his face as he jerked his chin towards me.

The poor man doesn't get much time with me despite his efforts at trying to make time. There was always someone interfering when he turns up. Like now with Bella who is sitting there with a cheeky grin on her face as she looked at both me and Reid.

"I'm sure you remember him from the hospital the day I met you. He drove me down there specifically to meet you." I snapped at her beginning to feel a bit territorial over Reid.

And I was too. Territorial that is. Reid has always been mine ever since I saw him years ago when I was a little kid. I can't explain it and don't care to either. There wasn't going to be anyone that will try to come between me and the damn man again.

Certainly not Bella.

" Believe me. If I had seen him that day, I would have been all over him. He is one fine specimen of a man. Mmm yum." She had the audacity to say with this really cheeky look on her face.

" For that brat. You don't get to come with us." Reid went on to say as he straightened up and sucked in some air which even I had to say made me catch my breath as his shirt expanded over those chest muscles he has.

" I thought you came out to ask me on a date? And you wanted to include her too? Are you mad?" I asked him in a horrified voice. One I'm sure he knows is fake.

" How's our grandson by the way?" I asked him as he went across to make himself a cup of coffee before coming back and pulling out a chair and straddling it after turning it around next to me. With Bella on the far side of me pouting at him.

He just winked at her which had me slapping at his arm that was resting across the top of the chair. He just smiled at me as he took a sip from his cup.

" Our grandson is doing very well, Love. He's just about finished getting his two year molars which both Jack and Jen are grateful over since the baby is due to arrive soon." He was saying to me in a serious voice.

" That's good. It has been a bother for them both, poor dears." I said as I finished eating my breakfast before slowly getting up and walking around to the sink with my dirty dishes and washed them.

Then I went back and sat back on my chair,laying a gentle hand on Bella's shoulder as I passed her chair.

Then I slowly sat down again all the while doing this without the walker.

I was getting really good going without the walker these days. But only when I was strong enough and not tired. When I was tired, I had to use nearly everything and sometimes a wheelchair as Bella has noticed a few times.

" Jen will be glad then that little Andy will soon be through this stage of his growth. When can we have him again for a visit?" I asked him as Jess sat a hot cup of tea in front of me with a smile. One I returned with thanks.

" That's why I am here. The kids want to know about a visit back home for a few days. Your aunt also wants to know as well. She misses you." Reid was saying after having another sip from his cup.

" It will have to be in a few weeks I think. I can't leave Bella just yet. She'll drive Jess and Brain up the wall." I said to him in a serious tone of voice. One that held a little nervous quiver to it.

" Why can't she come with us. I'm sure she would love the sightseeing and the change of scenery." He went on to say as he looked at Bella with one of those raised eyebrows of his letting her know that it was up to her.

" Does that mean we can get away from 'Hitler one and Hitler two'?" She asked in an eager voice as she smiled and looked at both Reid and myself. Of course, the cheeky look she gave to Jess didn't go amiss either.

" I don't think that would be a problem. I'm sure that Jess and Brian would love some time to themselves. So why don't you go and pack a bag for yourself and don't forget to pack something nice for when we go out dancing." I said to her with a smile and watched as she just blinked her eyes at me.

" Dancing? Are you daft or something? That brain injury you had must have rattled a few things we don't know about." She burst our in an incredulous tone of voice which had me laughing at the look on her face.

" Of course. You never know. It will be exciting. So hop to it kid. " I said to her with exciting which only had her giving me a weird kind of look as if I was an alien of some kind.

But she pushed herself out of the room slowly and carefully on her own multi colored wheelchair that Jess helped to decorate and a moment later, we heard her bedroom door shut.

" Well. That went down well. I thought for a moment that she was going to leap out of that chair and jump your bones there Reid. It was quite comical to watch the kids face when you started kissing each other." Jess went on to say when the back door opened and Brian walked in very carefully as he looked around.

"Good. She's not here. That girl really knows how to belt out a tantrum. She's worse that you Sarah." Brian was saying with relief.

"Then you will be happy to know that Reid is taking us home for a week, Bella included. leaving you two to have a break. How does that sound?" Reid went on to say to the other man with a smile.

" Bloody good. I can get to walk about the place butt naked again without anyone seeing me." He said in a flat tone of voice which had me pinching my lips together so that I  didn't say anything. No so Reid though. He had to say something, didn't he?

" Now there's an image I didn't want in my mind." He said with a sour tone as he shuddered.

I just laughed at him. It was going to be nice to go back again. Even if it was just to see Jack and Jen.. and Andy too of course.I wondered how they will take to Bella? 

But I guess we'll have to see.

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