Bella Part 33

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It's been a little while since the last update. Hopefully, this makes up for it.

12th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Bellamy Antonia Jones was sixteen when i first met her. She was one very angry young woman in the making and hell to deal with.

Having an ABI that resulted from a car accident that also took the lives of both of your parents had caused the young girl to drift into a deep depression for a while and I nearly thought I would lose her at one point.

So I spent a lot of time with her and I hope that it was my presence that kept her anchored to me until I felt that she had recovered enough to at least be able to be left on her own.

Having the Judge and Mr Kingsley involved helped a lot. They were able to quickly have Bella made a ward to me. At the time, I was the only one she was familiar enough with to be comfortable enough to actually go home with when the time came.

But what Can I say about Bella?

Who was this girl and what were her hopes for the future?

Only time would tell. At least, I would like to think that my having her coming home with me would give her a fighting chance at having a future. Then she met Jess and Brian. Oh my word...

The fireworks that began with the three of them meeting up would have made me laugh if it had not had been so serious and this went on for a few weeks before everyone began to settle down.

Jess might have been the nurse and Brian the gardener with ABI experience, but coming up against a hormonal teenager that was younger than me when I got hurt along with grieving the loss of her whole family was compounding the very angry young girls emotions and attitude.

So living at home for a while with Bella joining us was vert interesting to say the least.

" You may as well give in you know. Make it easy on yourself." I whispered to her once at breakfast one morning.

" Not effing likely. They don't know shit about me and what I want." She whispered back to me in a not so quiet tone of voice knowing that the older couple could clearly hear her.

One of the things I liked about the older couple was that they can handle just about anything. They had to since they copped it from me first. So having Bella here and throwing her hissy fits as she has been doing didn't faze anyone.

Jess and I shared a knowing look after one such attitude display earlier from Bella.

We were both remembering the one I threw not that long ago.

"Oh my god! Who the fuck is that honey walking up the bath? He is yummoh." Bella exclaimed when she caught sight of someone  walking towards the back door.

A quick glance out the window following he gaze and I saw that it was Reid who has just stopped to have a word with Brian.

I smiled when I saw that Reid threw his head back and laughed at something that Brian briefly spoke to him about before slapping the older man on the back before continuing to walk towards the door with a smile on his face.

" Good morning girls." He said to us with a smile as he opened the door and after toeing off his shoes, he walked pass Jess giving her a peck on the cheek before smiling and walking towards me as I sat at the table still beside Bella who was ogling Reid's body like it was a lollipop I noticed.

As he leaned down to kiss my cheek as was his habit lately, I turned my head so that it was our lips that met which shocked Reid before he allowed the kiss to deepen just a little before slowly pulling back to look at me as I licked my lips.

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