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Thank you for clicking on this story! I have other works published, varying in types like Mature and AU or not. I've written stories like The Black Swan and The Mogul if you've read those.

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This is a quick note, first I want to give a special thanks to acoustic_cries for making me another wonderful cover. 

This is a really different take on Harry Styles for me, so I hope you all enjoy and will go on to read my other fics, including the continuation of this story, Locker 161 (2) 

This story is completed and has been for some time, are a couple of things to know before reading that I get countless messages about.

First: The stutter. I had a stutter growing up and I wanted to write a story where someone had one too. The stutter, if it bothers you, fades in and out. It's kind of like an anxious tick, so when she's finally comfortable with Harry it'll slow down and not be as apparent, so please don't be discouraged from the story if you don't like her stutter. I hope you give it a chance! Also: Do not tell me to take the stutter out. It is a completed work that I am proud of. Do not tell me to rewrite the whole thing because I won't. I do not mean to be rude but I cannot take the nasty grams! Please be polite and remember I'm a person with feelings, and I read every comment.

Second: Just because it's completed doesn't mean I don't want to hear what you think! Comment, vote, I try to always, always reply to messages, and I'm pretty good about it. So if you really like something, tell me!

Third, people cannot just live in Antarctica, I am fully aware. But, people do live down there for researching purposes, which is what her parents would do. 

Lastly, this story like all my others are protected by copyright, and I do not allow translations of my story, I'm sorry it makes me uncomfortable and I don't like the idea of people thinking they can rewrite it at all. I hope you understand! Do not place this story on any other website, please and thank you!

Sorry for this not so quick note, please click on and read the story, share it around, and I hope you like it because I worked really hard on this. 

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