Chapter 2 - Dealing With Bieber

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The rest of the double period went by so slowly with Justin trying to make small talk and me staying cold with him. Loads of the girls tried to flirt with him, chat him up or bombard him with questions but he just let them down gently or answered their questions then went back to face me or do some more work. It turned out he was really good at maths, seeing as he had a private tutor. He offered to help me when he noticed I had made some mistakes in my work. I just told him to mind his own business and let me figure it out on my own.

He left me alone after that but I still caught him glancing over at me from time to time. I sighed, relieved when the buzzer went and I wouldn’t have to see him anymore. I piled everything into my school bag and started filing out with the rest of the class, well the boys anyway, the girls were too busy crowding around Justin until miss shooed them out. Unfortunately Mrs Allen called me back. Oh my days, I swear if I get in trouble today I will be so rude to her next lesson seeing as I finished all the work set and tried really hard to concentrate during the lesson despite Justin talking to me nearly the whole time.

“Lava, Justin is new to the school and he needs someone to show him around. I’d like you to be that person, he will be following your timetable as from now” she said. Thing is, it wasn’t a suggestion, it was an order and I ended up leaving the class with this decades teen pop sensation.

Everyone stared at us when I led him through the crowded corridors. Boys stared at me quizzically. Girls came running up asking for an autograph. Urgh, I swear this was the first and last time I play tour guide for an idiotic selfish prat. I got out my pair of huge Stella sunglasses from my bag and thrust them at him telling him to put them on. He grinned at me, showing his pearly whites and slid them on. People left him alone after that. His eyes were apparently the thing making him so recognisable, how weird?

I took him to the back of the science block where me and my best friends hung out. He raised his eyebrows impressed that we had our own space. I guess he figured it was ours when he saw the posters and out names graphitized on the floor. I shrugged and asked for my shades back then slumped down onto a bench. When he sat down I got up and rested my back on the wall of the building, he got up and came over to me. So I went back to the bench and sat down and he did too. I leaped up from the bench.

“What’s your problem? Stop copying everything I do, you’re such a fake!” I shouted at him. He seemed to think it would be smarter if he stayed seated and boy did I agree with him. He looked up at me sheepishly like he’d done nothing wrong and that just got me a whole lot angrier. I felt the heat rising and I knew my face was really red now. He stayed quite, gosh, the most famous teenager in the world is speechless in front of me. Just then Caitlyn, Chaz, Christen and Ryan came running from round the corner.

“Who the heck are you shouting at Lava?” questioned Ryan looking around. When they spotted Justin, who was still sitting on the bench, their expressions became comical. Ryan’s eyes widened and he raised his eyebrows. Christen grinned and Chaz looked plain confused. Caitlyn look like she was about to faint. Ryan was the first to recover, he smiled widely in Justin’s direction and opened his mouth to say; “So the rumours are true, Justin Bieber’s now attending Ravens Wood and is tagging along with Lava Baban, how about that?” he teased me.

Justin looked up at me expectantly, what the heck, was I his maid now?

“Urgh, Justin these are my friends Ryan, Chaz, Christen and Caitlyn, you lot this is Justin. Caitlyn and Christen are non-identical twins so back away from her ‘cause Christen gets protective over her” I said quickly in a bored voice.

“Hey” said Caitlyn frowning at me. I shrugged innocently, well it was the truth. Last month Richard from 10R asked her if she’d like to go out some time and Christen got protective of his ‘baby sister’ and ended up punching his face which caused Richard a nosebleed and Christen three days in seclusion. I heard Justin chuckle as I snatched Caitlyn’s magazine away from her grasp and sat down on the bench opposite Justin. Chaz and the rest of them could entertain him for the rest of lunch. Caitlyn huddled up to Justin and begged him to sign everything in her bag, even her pad case, erugh!

Ten minutes later I realised it was lunch time and I was starving so I got up to get a sandwich from the cafeteria.

“Anyone want anything?” I asked getting up and handing Caitlyn back her magazine which she took back with a scowl on her face.

“Coke please” said Ryan.

“Bottle of water” Chaz replied.

“Nothing for me thanks” Caitlyn said.

“Umm, get me a… get me a coke too” said Christen finding it hard to choose.

“What ‘bout you, you want anything?” I asked Justin trying to be nice.

“What does the cafeteria sell?” he questioned.

“Umm, sandwiches, chocolates, crisps, fruit, salads and drinks” I recited the list ticking each thing off on my fingers.

“Ok, cool, can I have a cheese and tomato baguette and a coke please?,” he asked handing me a ten pound note, “pay for everyone” he smiled. Sheesh, no need to show your cash off, then again I sometimes paid for everyone myself.

“Thanks” I said. I chucked my bag into the spare seat next to him and walked off towards the cafeteria. Thank goodness it wouldn’t be as crowded as usual half way through lunch, I thought to myself.

I waited in line with all the food and drinks me and my friends wanted. I noticed some people were giving me weird looks like I was buying it all for myself. Gosh, look at someone else for goodness sake, I thought. I paid in the ten pounds and got two pounds and fifty pence change. I put everything in a paper bag from the till so I wouldn’t get any more looks and so that it would be a lot easier to carry the things from one side of the school to the other.

I walked out and started to head back to where the rest of the group was but I didn’t have to walk for long because I could see them walking towards me, Justin with them, walking across the middle of the playground.

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