Imagine 13- (Romantic/Dirty) for jbird15

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Austin's POV

 I was on my way to my girlfriends house. Her name is Jordan, she means the world to me and i couldnt ask for anyone better. I was currently on her door step and i began knocking on the door.

I waited for a couple of seconds and the door opened revealing my baby girl. "Hey" she smiled and hugged me, I hugged back. She took her head off my chest and I admired her beautiful features. Her long dirty blonde hair ran down her shoulders and her piercing blue eyes are to die for! I get lost in them all the time, it reminds me of the crystal clear ocean water and all u guys know I love the ocean.

"Austin, did u hear me?" I snapped out of it and looked at her. I was stuck on her eyes again. "Sorry what did u say baby?'' I asked her and she groaned

''I said what are we doing today" she made a pouting face, I giggled at her cuteness and pecked her lips over and over again. She giggled and I kissed her one more time. "I was hoping we can just chill here for a while" she nodded her head and lead me inside.

We walked up to her room and she closed the door once we got inside.

We both decided to watch a movie so she went to make the popcorn and I picked out a movie, it was Elf.

Half way threw the movie and we were cracking up. This movie is so funny. She turned around and started to kiss me. It started to get really heated and I was turned on completely.

Jordan's POV

This heated make out session is driving me crazy. Before I even knew it clothes were being removed from the both of us. I know where this is heading and I like it.

We were completely naked and Austin grabbed a condom from my night stand. I put it there for a reason, don't judge me.

He rolled on the condom and hovered over me. He leaned down and kissed me sweetly on the lips. While doing so he began pushing himself into me, he started thrusting at a slow pace and went fast and faster.

I was moaning out his name and was scratching his back. I can tell he loved the way my moans came out because he gives me an little naughty smirk.

~30 minutes later~

Time has past and we were still going at it. But this time I was on top of him riding him. I can feel my high coming and I can tell his is coming to.

"Baby im gonna cum" I moaned out and he moaned in response "Me to baby" he cummed inside the condom and  I cummed on clark. I laid next to him and cuddled into his side. He wrapped his arms around me and played with my hair.

All night we watched movies under the blanket and spent time together, but we were still naked and had more fun.